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Hey goes welcome to the summer break or summer haggis the branch brown cow show this is june twelfth two thousand eighteen and i'm the madame bringing you a look back what you're going to hear today is our very first video show or vodkas in the audio only format there's some really great things in the show in stephen york he does some amazing performances so i cannot encourage you enough to make sure you go to our youtube channel and check it out if you wanna see a little bit more also you can see are amazing hosts this is our one year anniversary in bcc has grown and changed a lot in his very first episode to believe it or not we only had three hosts monkey heather beth and justly today we have not only those three but we also have miss laura and the amazing and yeah yes david lorette damola sit back and enjoy listen to a little bit of how he began and then think about how we are now remember we'd love to hear your comments send us an email at bc vc podcast at e c b c podcast dot com find us on facebook instagram twitter any of the social media's we are now a five a one c three organization and welcome your donations and you're volunteering if you're interested in getting involved we have the ability to work with you no matter where you live you don't actually have to be in california with us this is the madam and here you go all right hi everybody to the chicken brown cow shows i am one of your host don muck mac and even to my right your left.

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