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Some hail. Maybe some wins that kind of thing. Maybe showers today. All right, All right. Thank you. Hot thunderstorms tonight. Okay. All right. Listen, it is 8 35 Tech news brought to you by nerds in a flash. Have you seen the video yet? Have you seen it showing a mobile device? Snapping infrared images of an iPhone user. This is circulating around the Internet today, and it's catching many bus surprise in the TIC TAC shared video by breed Thomason, a digital camera using an infrared lenses seen filming an iPhone user observing his home screen. As the iPhone users stares at the device. Thomason's digital camera captures the iPhone. Snapping multiple infrared images every 5 to 10 seconds in some cases now since the video was uploaded to a social media site back in May early May It has garnered hundreds of thousands of views and likes and shares alarming many people catching many off guard now. While the discovery may cause some users to panic, Apple says, this is actually just an aspect of the iPhone that allows users to control their face I d and emoji. Functions. According to Apple. This feature is available in the iPhone X and later an iPad pro models with the 8 12 X Bionic chip. You got the biotic ship I do not know, the company says this feature is part of the new, true depth IR camera. This camera, housed in the in the Black Notch at the top of the display includes a number of high tech components such as the Flood illuminator. Infrared IR camera and the infrared emitter now, officials say, as an iPhone is used, it emits about 30,000 infrared dots in a known pattern when the faces detected, enabling the iPhone X to generate a three d map of that users face according to their team. They say this true death IR camera. And also do this fast enough to support the creation of a three d motion data as well. Man. Oh, man. That's exactly what I'm looking for. So So, Yeah, Your iPhone is essentially taking invisible photos of you, but but not for a reason that you think Wow. Get a full report of the story. That's on the mic linked in page at times, Jeff, can it make phone calls? Yes, it does. Okay, Good. Listen, you could jump in at 51283605 90 Toll free 8775905525 Sola. Governor Greg Abbott has changed the way that well, the way that folks get unemployment benefits ending the additional $300 per week actually ends on June. The 26th so get ready. That's when people will be motivated, I guess to go back to work in some case that he's doing this. I wish it was sooner. I wish it in fact, I wish it had already happened. It should have happened in my opinion weeks ago. There's no justification for this whatsoever, given the amount of jobs that were available out there on I don't care if you are, you know, the perfect job is not out there for you right now. You still need to get back to work. Show. I wish it would happen immediately instead of waiting for over a month. Still for this toot torto to stop, But I guess there are, you know. There's a lot of the things that it played here that I don't have awareness of, but it would be my preference if this stopped to day now. Also later today, the City Council or at least the Austin Travis County Health Authority, Dr Mark S got is going to We assume is going to left and change the mask a mandate in Austin to be in line with the CDC. That's that's that's the rumor, but you know, this city could go either way, right? Yeah, it really could. I don't fully expect that they're going to go with the C D c o R. I guess I'm preparing for anything on that. I can see them. I can see them maybe coming out with some kind of a hybrid. Ah, approach to this, maybe not completely going with the CDC Their own kind of thing. Where is some kind of compromise or something? I wouldn't be surprised at that. Or maybe they will. Listen. I know why the health of the what he's concerned about the number of people that have not been vaccinated. What if he comes out today and says We'll lift the mast mandates in 30 days if we reach a certain level of vaccinations. Hey, might He might do that. I think anything is possible. You'd appreciate that. Would I appreciate that? No, no, no, I'm not not regarding the mass. Listen. Tesla's new Gigafactory in Austin has done more than just tack on national headlines. It's also reshaping Riverside and the rest of Southeast Austin. Have you been out that way lately? The Ost oniy a reports Michael or Michelle Bryant, the manager. The treehouse Apartments on old Torp said that low availability and heavy demand is ending previous specials and sales at that complex, as Tesla employees take root in this area, placed out 30 units to test my employees in just the past two months, and many, many, many more have been enquiring, she says. Tesla's Gigaba, Texas plant located just 15 miles from that riverside hub. It sits near another Southeast Austin feature The airport. Though the Gigafactory won't be complete until the end of the year, the company is hiring droves of new workers in April, Tesla's CEO and Austin resident Elon Musk tweeted out more than 10,000 people are needed for Giga, Texas. Just through 2022. That area has totally been transformed The Riverside Southeast Austin area. Yeah. The Austin Board of Realtors President Susan Horton said that the influx of tech companies has affected where people choose to move within the Austin metro. It's changing neighborhoods. Oh, no doubt about it on it is going to be really fascinating to see how it's going to change the immediate area around the plant itself. I mean, it's because, you know, for years and years, there has not been much out there. Course we know there's a lot of development going in, but Gonna explode? Yeah, Bryant says. Eyes says we project to have 35,000 new jobs here by the end of the year because of just that tech industry tech is booming, and they want to be as close in those areas as they possibly can. Yeah, the effects of the ongoing tech in California migration of already been felt throughout Austin, but areas according to the OST, oniy, our close proximity of these companies and headquarters..

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