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J. Green and Gino Atkins be the latest to go and Bangles quote. Changing of the guard. I think it's pretty clear AJ has played his final game is a Bengal probably Close to being clear his day that Gino Atkins has played his final game as a bangle and think about it. Um Zach, Centering. Your three we talk about Coach is coming in and wanting their guys. And we talk about turnover in the changing of the guard. Dunlap is out a J Green will probably be out show of hands. Is everybody okay? With Gino Atkins being out? If if they move on from him, they're going to save about 9.5 million if they cutting this off season. What would you rather roll the dice again with Gino Atkins? At age what 31 is? You know 32 yet coming off the surgery? Is there more It becomes a matter of production. What would you rather have the money? Or the player that the money to you someplace else in another way, or the veteran presence and the experience and the hope you get enough production out of it. No. Dunlap know, AJ Gino's probably gone. Bobby Hart potentially gone. Sean Williams is going to be gone. John Ross is gonna be gone. I could make the case depending on what you did in the draft, although probably much lesser case. CJ use aama. Others cringe when the name Giovanni Bernard is mentioned is moving on from him. This team moved on from Andy Dalton. They moved on from Georgia Loca. They moved on from dark West Denard. There's a lot of turnover here in the changing to get their guys. Geno's got two years left on his deal. Would you rather have the money or two more years of Gino Atkins? I'd rather have the money. I'd rather have the money and look at the prospects of a healthy DJ reader and I think very under how do I want to say this undervalued or under realized Josh to Po, Um, sat out last season, he opted out. I'm not saying he's Gino Atkins. Although Might say, based on Gino's age in the coming season, coming off the surgery. If you were to put the productions of Gino versus Josh to Po together and looked at the price, I think I'd rather have Josh to poet his money. Potential production than Gino Atkins all take the money and hey, to use a Redd's term. I will reallocate the money someplace else on this roster. Because they are moving forward in a window of Joe Burrows contract and moving forward in the window of a rookie quarterback contract is a pivotal point for this franchise. This is no longer about as much as some may want it want it to be. It's no longer about rewarding players for past performances or clinging to the past. This is about Money to use To get They're guys. They're being this coaching staff and plug it in to win. Going forward with Joe Borough. What potentially can they do with Gino Atkins for the next two years? Versus what could they do with that 9.6 million to spend in another way? I will say that surprised this morning and reading another piece on ESPN, where they ask each of the beat writers around the NFL in offseason prediction for all 32 teams. A bold one. This was the bold one from Ben Baby on the Bangles. William Jackson. The third gets a massive contract. And curl. Lawson walks who Ben Wright. Cincinnati has yet to see how the defense looks with Jackson and Trae Waynes as the starting corners. We'll look in a perfect world. I'd love to have William Jackson the third and Trey Wayne's is my corners. But it's not a perfect world. It's a salary cap world. This team had 17 sacks last season. Um Consider what this depth chart looks like if Carl Lawson leaves in free agency. Sam Hubbard on and then You're on the hook to Trae Waynes. You overpaid to get him last year, and that's it about 14 year. Do you realize what the going rate is for corners? I mean, your top corner on Jalen Ramsey is getting 21 year. True, Davis White getting 17.5 million a year. Darius Slaves getting 16.7 million this coming season..

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