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To put these people there's only four of five shelters glenn though there overcrowding i'd rather walk over people who in to have people just push decide and no telling what you going to do with cunningham says he hadn't really plan to launch a one man voter drive but there is this friend of his the it none of that was homeless i believe he prefers to live longer st why i don't know but believe he is a registered voter so maybe hosting there thanks to lacy roberts production help on this it's forward so the when you a sports morton san francisco's executive nba program delivering a rigorous academic experience immersed in the me play area though system and it sounds to a globally connected that work moore shotgun ten the is this family foundation advances the wiser use of energy a natural resources on the planet everything is connecting on the way the shouldn't bottle over and that james irvine foundation expanding economic in political opportunity for californians who were working but struggling that for a fine job.

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