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I kinda gave everybody the precursor of what was going to happen this year. I kinda told everyone that Andrew luck was going to be the front runner for the comeback player of the year. He's making me look like a psychic right now granite? Now. The granted that defense is kinda slipped from its beginning. This season. But it's still pretty decent comparison to what people why we were going to look like greased it you grease. I wanted to see that more. I think that the defense is a good place. This thing insisted they just had a lot of injuries. I I'll defend there's they've had a lot of really nice pieces emerged. But that there's there's injuries both in the in the back. And I you mentioned by the way before we move out of this game. The titans secondary another guy who really jumped out to me. And the patriots game was Kenny Vaccaro who was a late signing. And you know, I I don't know if people thought he would still contribute or it would be a starter. But he was really good for them in that game. I love that linebacker Shaun Evans. Good defense titans. Tighten up. I I'm into this team. It's a good defense. All right. So moving on to think one of the maybe the second best game this weekend. We're gonna finish with the best game. Let's hear it findings at bears. All right. So we're against the Barra's before you force me to eat crow on midst your. I'm not ready. I'm not ready ready to do. But I've been flow to accept him. His goodness. And we'll talk about that in a second. I wanna talk about Minnesota. And the reason why I'm so excited about this games. I think this is a real test for busy. Okay. Because you know, what time accustoms in a second. But this defense has largely returned to form over the last few weeks or so and the return of Griffin helps all the deal hunters playing it like a I don't wanna defensive player of the year level because that's Aaron Donald, but he's in the mix. Okay. So I find this defense and I find found their failings in the beginning of the season fascinating. Because they didn't lose any talent. Right. If they gain they they added Sheldon Richardson, who's been really good. I mean, the guys are still the guys, but it was very strange. It was like they forgot how to play football or something. There were just like all these out of character coverage bus. And so I kind of I've been watching carefully trying to figure. Okay. What hap-? Is it coaching, and I've actually noticed a few adjustments and Mike Zimmer commented on the fact that he's sort of made a few changes to some of the base coverages..

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