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The legal longtime was a college free agent, but played over ten years in a leak a guy named barscott, by the way hell of a football player right football player. And so we spend a lot of money on to get Bart. Scott. But he another guy that happened to be a college free agents, amazing this happens. And then we bring in a guy named Jim Leonard who could who's five foot nothing. Okay is a safety. But in another college free agent that wasn't by happenstance. I brought him in why? Because I wanted to one in my team to see the work ethic of guys at weren't. Even drafted weren't gonna thought of they weren't even good enough to be drafted. And yet, you know, what watch these guys play all three of those guys were great and preparation because I know that's important when you're coming in trying to put in a new defense, and all that these guys are believers why they've been successful in it and all three of them had phenomenal work ethics. So that's what we brought in to the jets. Did we flip it overnight? Absolutely. It was all based on one player is. And that player was derives. I had a special player in Durrell Rivas. So everything. I did was focused on that individual. And so I'm like, okay. He's going to take away their best receiver. I don't care who the hell that receiver is. So that's what I did. And I rolled my coverage when when we played zone. We actually rolled our coverage to the second best receiver. Why I locked down Rivas on the other side. And so that's how good Durell Rivas was. That's how much he meant to me in that kind of system and we flipped it overnight. I have said many times that I thought the real reebus was the most valuable player in the league at the time that he was playing and they have attached the word the name shutdown corner to a lot of people since him. And I keep saying you don't know what a shutdown corner is if you comparing this guy to you know, Rivas would hold the best receivers in the sport. Chad Johnson Calvin Johnson you name it Tara loans to catches nineteen yards. When those it'd be their stats in games against rivers playing them all by himself. He was that good. The fact that he wasn't even named d. Offensive player of the year that year with no disrespect at all to our Charles Woodson. Who was also a great player and won. That award is ludicrous reverse was that good. He was that good in in by the way. Greenie we were forty or fifty yards better than the Green Bay Packers who finished second in the league that year that's the separation between that jet defense and the other ones. So we had a great defense. And he was the best player on that defense. And for me the way we used them. He certainly should have been the defensive player of the year. And I and I said I I remember we gave up or the Packers gave up as many touchdown passes to the AirAsia cardinals in one game happened to be a playoff game. Then we gave up all season as a team. So who the hell shoulda gotten defensive player of the year? Yeah. Guess what it should have been Drori? And that again, taking my own phantom out of the equation is what led me to the following statement. I believe the most valuable thing to have on defense. If you. You can get one is a corner that you can put one on one with the other teams top receiver because they all this talk about a pass rusher. I get pass rushers. I get Khalil Mack is a great player in a difference maker. But if you have that if you have rebus, and I think a guy like Patrick Peterson is pretty close to that. And some of the others the best in the sport. If you have that I think that actually frees up your defense to do more things than anything else. The other team can gain plan around a pass rusher. You can't game plan around a guy who was just flat gonna take your number one receiver away from you..

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