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Billiondollar i had two billion dollars so eighteen billion than a short or where to get the money so i convince the bank below the the vodafone japan i'm going to iran and with become successful in become greg believe me let me money and they did it and it turned out to be very successful recently you did the biggest investment you've ever seen a company called a r m yet we harm which is a semiconductor manufacturer london why did you saw thirty one billion dollars buying a semiconductormanufacturer manufacturer when many people think that that's not the future it's a access study forbidden work yeah it's not the manufacturer to design design house they design all the chip said they have ninety nine percent market share for any smartphone that you're having a pocket is has ninety nine percent market share right in next twenty years it's going to be dig on a ship a one trillion designed for one trillion tips so i said this is this is the company this nobody can live in the on the us anymore without tip chip izetbegovic here while in the car email live everywhere so if if tip is something that everybody needs and if there is one company has ninety percent market share the mongia value they are not monitored but what if i own we can monetize much better so that's my belief so i think it's the company's gonna be more valuable than google government van avoids private company now that was softbank founder and ceo masayoshi son speaking with david rubinstein mr bloomberg's 'peertopeer conversations on bloomberg television and cofounder of the carlyle group just ahead on bloomberg best they'll discuss living with artificial intelligence this is bloomberg mm you make sure his toys don't have any.

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