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The fire in writes us from train wheel right the fire and fifty two caused like what would be now. Millions of dollars in damage it Burned up some suck. It's going to go to the ed and it'll go to the wooden docks one thing and that's what happened right in front like the whole waterfront. It it was. It was a big task for fee but luckily the rock and roll hall of fame. Wasn't there not there. They had the national folk and bluegrass hall of fame in eighteen. Even that it was the yeah. It was like crooner hall of fame jug band burned. No one no one noticed her care but this was. This was the height of the industrial age tried. This was when manufacturing was king. There's a famous photograph of a factory in texas where they powered. It was a power plant that was powered by burning old batteries and smoke. That's coming out of this thing. I think texas power grid still work from what i read in the papers thrown old batteries. You know burnt people were burning tyres. It was and also absolutely no regulation in terms of cleaning up the world as reagan. We call it the good old days the good old days but it wasn't it was only ten years later that that silence bring was published. And we've re referenced that a couple of times in the omnibus the the dawning realization that we were making the world uninhabitable and in with technology. It wasn't just like it wasn't just like previous nature movements which is like. Don't shoot the little deers. And don't pick the little flowers or even more european like go back to nature to find your essential. You're you're native. Essence now the now the metaphor poison poisoners. It was accurate. It was accurate. There was a there was a survey of the koya hoga during this period where it was it was revealed that no life there was nothing alive like jupiter. Yeah no microbes nothing. The only life that they could find was a an algae called a silla toria which was growing on above the water on the pilings of various peers. But it would die in seconds as soon as the water sloshed. Under any you know everybody that worked around. There was like if you fall in the river. you go to the hospital and so you know and you could see like visibility in the river was a question of inches right if you like even. Put your hand in the river. You couldn't see your fingertips so this was true all across the united states but the koya hogan the hooker was not yet a symbol of it. Silence bring in the the sort of early environmental movement. You know this. This gained in gained in popularity in nineteen sixty eight Us sorry washington. Senator henry jackson scoop. Who was. Who was my father's mentor. One of my father's mentors went to law school with my not mentor friend. She was there. Were friends what am i talking about mentor. They were the same age they were. They were pal so they all went to my dad and are their wives my mother they were all the deliver of pork to the state of washington. The united states senate and they did a lot of dancing. You know it was it was. It was a high old time. He's a sponsored hearings in the senate in sixty eight about creating kind of a national environmental program. How interesting yeah and this was. I didn't realize that was yeah. This was there was no. epa the there was no epa. there was no i mean. Environmental protection was only just becoming a national question. A sense that like wait. We can't we can't just have local municipalities. Try to clean up the hudson. That's in your lifetime. Yeah that we think of the environment. As a i mean it really shows screw that in john roderick lifetime. The discovery came that environmental cleanup might be large scale problem. That's right and it. Was you know it was only just before i was born. That it even occurred to anybody and silent. Spring of course was talking about You know heavy metals in you know appearing in wildlife and pesticides yeah the bird eggs killing verdicts but but the idea that we couldn't live in cities anymore because they were choked with pollution was pretty new at this point and probably driven by like the the assumption of affluent suburban americans that of course cities are hell holes as god intended. Right has got intended right. That's how come we can live in the suburbs right about this time. Cleveland elected its first black mayor. Carl stokes that's early for a major city. That's that's right before andrew young young and he was a he was a progressive and a real powerful voice. His brother louis. Stokes was elected to the congress during the same period. So this is you know. It's all like thinking like the to the congress like you're you're the music man or something elected. Congress did the congress. It's gotta be like eighteen seventies before it left the ukraine and the two of them. And so carl stokes as part of his program for cleveland because he was colorful and and you know and civil rights era like big city mayor. He started to draw attention to the the pollution in the koyo hogan has one of his major platforms. Like we need to. Cleveland is an absolute disaster area and in order to make it a habitable place again. We need to direct attention to pollution in the river and he was a he was in his brother was kind of sponsoring this kind of legislation and then disaster strikes in on june twenty second nineteen sixty nine. Which weirdly is a after. A couple years of carl stokes. Actually cleaning up the coca. They had implemented local policies about dumping. They'd been working hard to to to clean up. The river still sparked from a passing train falls on a on a greasy matt. Same old same old and the river catches fire and it here we go there. All the fire is is nowhere near the extent of the fire. Fifty two burns one railroad bridge and makes it like it. Ruins one railroad bridge kind of scorch is another. There aren't any photographs of it because by the time someone with a camera race down there was already under control out. these fires. Put themselves out or do you. Kind of have to trucks were dispatched. Yeah you get out there the fire department kind of porks on it. I don't know what you do you pour water on. There's already water all over it. You probably throw sand at. I don't know.

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