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Following Operation Red White and bust a multi county undercover operation going after those involved in drugs like fentanyl, cocaine, heroin and meth. Ohio's attorney general, says 29 of the 45 suspects have been arrested. So far. The bulk of them are from Washington Courthouse in Jeffersonville, court records show. A majority of the arrests are meth related. I'm Jack Crumley. Columbus Police, Meanwhile, investigating the death of a nine year old girl today Columbus police investigating the 101st homicide of the year Now this one happened around 5 30 this morning on Van Buren Drive in South Franklin 10. Investigators say that two people got into a fight, and one ended that fight with a gun. That suspect is not in custody. ABC six is Ronnie Dunnigan. Triple A, says more than 47 million people will be traveling at some point during this holiday weekend. They estimate that's only 2.5% less than the number of Americans who traveled during the same time just two years ago, actually anticipating Cree pandemic levels for travel, especially when we talk about traveling by hard last year, only around 34 million people hit the road. As the coronavirus pandemic kept many Americans at home Airlines are now expected to face some new regulations designed to make sure both you and your bags arrive on time. The Federal Transportation Department is expected to propose a new regulation that requires airlines to refund the fees you pay on checked. Baggage of your bags aren't delivered promptly within 12 hours of the passengers, US flight touching down or 25 hours after an international flight. These for other services, like Internet access would also be refunded if it isn't provided during the flight. Current regulations require refunds only if bags are lost or for incidental expenses. While the bags are delayed. Most airlines now charge for checked bags. GeneCo's Selda Fox News. Meanwhile, the June jobs report a bit of a surprise, the Labor Department said the U. S economy created 850,000 jobs in June. Hiring jolt after job growth disappoint. Did earlier in the spring. The number was well in excess of what economists were expecting. The unemployment rate is 5.9% Leisure and hospitality. A bellwether for pandemic recovery, added 343,000 jobs, though the sector is still lacking more than two million jobs that existed before the pandemic. Aaron Carter Ski reporting, and he wants a new job. The author of Hillbilly Elegy Day, J. D. Vance, officially joining the crowded Republican race for Ohio's U. S. Senate seat being vacated by retiring Senator Rob Portman. This week. He made the announcement in his Ohio hometown of Middletown, but will be facing some stiff competition from former state GOP chair Jane Timken and former state treasurer Josh Mandel, as well as to business people from Cleveland News radio 6 10 W T V. N four. Tomorrow is the day the crew playing their first ever game in the new stadium. The game against New England starts at five, but activities are planned in and around lower com field for the hours leading up to it. Gates will open tomorrow at 3. 30 Baseball Tonight. Reds opened a series against the Cubs if you missed it since the outfielders Nick Castano's and Jesse Winker both voted in his starters for the National League at the All Star Game. Indians, who have dropped five of six are home to Houston Clippers Visit Toledo. Also on the sports schedule tonight. Tampa Bay with a 20 lead visits Montreal in Game three of the Stanley Cup final from the central Ohio.

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