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Organization. We're bringing free market solutions to environmental issues across the country. We do policy work legislative work, and we work on campuses with college students spread the word. So this was a study that looked at a variety of grocery store chains and chemicals it uses and it found that whole foods when it comes to there to go bar uses products that contain potentially cancer, causing chemicals. Yeah. And it's actually kind of ironic because often is often hailed as every health high-standard company for. For health and environmental issues, but they use these chemicals which can cause liver damage and cancer. And they're not biodegradable when they go to the landfill emanating water and soil as well in the hot food bar so in response to this. They've said, oh, we didn't know that. And now they're looking for new packaging. Yeah. And I think they did have some degree of knowledge on what it was harming Emiko. It was used in the forty s or resistant in manufacturing and used today and like fire retardant dating, but they did respond. They're saying they're looking for better eco friendly packaging, the biodegradable. I think this just goes to show that not everything that we think is environmentally friendly. Is as always you gotta do your homework this chemical if I'm not mistaken is flooring. And I know this is tough to quantify by the last few this. Anyway, I mean, how dangerous is this stuff, especially in the quantities that people at whole foods may be getting where their their food sitting in and four. For a short time in patches to food. And then when consumed it can your body for a long time getting hot food blot can build up in tensely be very dangerous, and then the other part of it in the water contamination, and it ends up in our water. I think sample of bad where it looks like better for the environment. They switched to the paper product hooted in this Laurie of it'd be better for the environment. But it actually ended up being worse. The other concern with some of the paper that you know, you might be a pick up a product. What to put it inside? Something actually touching the food. Right. Yeah. It's coated all over it. And it actually the other interesting thing is it was called bio, even though coding on the product isn't biodegradable. There is some good that came out of this. You know, the backlash does show the humor care about the environment or than ever particularly millennial. It's been shown we've done with the yen. Energy network shows that fifty six percent of conservative millennials, did it'd be less likely to vote for candidates opposed clean energy. I think that shows you kind of shit. In consumer opinion on the environment in the company is working to correct the issue. How do you guys have you guys differ from like, the left-leaning environmental groups? I think what we like to do we focus more on policies that produce outcomes rather than look good on paper. And we also want to make sure that we're producing Hollis T and pollution that go along with our capitalist principle rather than against them in. There's there's many ways to do that. I think it's important that we remember that policy..

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