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Oh, eight ten would afternoon. I'm Pat, thanks to my guest is Tony van pelt. She's the president of now the national organization for women. Tony. I know you're short on time. So what I'd like to do is get one phone call here in with you before we let you go. If that's ok okay. All right. This is John calling from Hayward, John. Hi, welcome to. Jio you are on this. So important, and I always have been back of my mind, knowing where all this is coming from it must be some sort of a profit motivation or simply to financial. Something behind all this because I can't understand even why we're allowing a church a religion to influence who gets healthcare in the way that they should have it. I it just boggles my mind, and I wondered if anything more to this is there any money behind this. Tony is there a profit motive somewhere? What you know? I think that that's a really interesting point a good point to bring up. And it's the first time I've heard that. So thank you Jan for this. I think you know, we always say follow the money in in many cases, why is it that they want to populate the country with more people because that's what this is about is increasing population. Well, we know that the white supremacists. They want to increase the white population. We know that the wealthy the capitalist. They want to increase the number of workers in this in this country. So those are two strong financial motivations for keeping women pregnant and producing children because we know that once. A child is born they're no longer interested in that child. They don't care if that child has good health care. They don't care if that child has a good education. They don't care about that. They don't even care about the woman. So it I think that that there's a lot to that. We have to think about that. I agree with you. Well, I'm I am going to say goodbye to you. But I'm gonna continue this discussion with more of my listeners, and we are going to talk about Texas, and their attempted instituting death. Yeah. I mean, it so much women are going to die one way or the other. It looks like has definitely if if abortion is outlawed there are going to be women who die seeking out abortions and getting abortions illegally. Tony. Thank you. And come back and join us again, will you? Thank you, Pat. All right. That's Tony van pelt. She is the president of the national organization for women, but I'm going to take more of your telephone calls. This is unimportant issue. And it is an issue that is growing, and it is infringing upon the rights of women and think about that law in Texas in Texas the law that was proposed was to not only charge a woman, not only find a a woman guilty of a crime. If she tries to get an abortion. But if she succeeds in procuring an abortion, however, she does it in whatever way she does it including a morning after pill, then that woman would be subjected to the death penalty the death penalty. Eighty eighty eight ten is the telephone number. Oh, one other thing. I just saw on CNN Alyssa Milano is calling for a sex strike to protest the law in Georgia. But it's not just the law in Georgia women have gone on sex strikes historically in the past. And they have provided some success is that what women should do now a sex strike in order to protest these horrific laws the war against women's reproductive rights. We go to Craig Craig is calling from Berkeley. Hey, Craig, welcome to K G. Great show. Hear your. Outside of keep it, you wanna talk on this because you know, you can you can you can write ten books on it just to just in Santa GIO. I know both sides getting accused with being cut. So whatever something like that. But this is real this is this is straight from the net factory. Okay. If I dislike red cars. I'm just not going to buy a red card, but I'm going to allow everybody else to buy what if you do that like abortions? And you'd think that is against relating to whatever you have a right to feel that way. But you don't have a right to infringe or I should do what you think is right or wrong. Especially if it isn't hurting you up to so many I understand that but gets to be too late and still I still at the man still feel uncomfortable. Saying that to a woman. Well, it gets to be so many things you shouldn't do it. Cut steel. We gotta tell you look at it is not my decision. It is one hundred percent hers. Yeah. You know, I I'm thank you for that. Craig? I appreciate everything that you have to say in terms of late term abortions. Which is definitely not what these fetal heartbeat things about in terms of late term abortions. I think it's really important for people to recognize that late term abortions are not elective abortions. They are rare. They happen for specific medical reasons. And in the vast majority of cases, where there is a late term abortion. It's because the baby has not developed a full brain. So there's only a brain stem and that s that's one aspect of it. Another thing is that the that in utero, this fetus has already died. So it's going to be stillborn. I mean, there are a number of reasons some it rarely has to do with the mother's health allow. Late term abortion. It has to do with what's going on in the developing fetus, that's what it has to do with. So it's not an elective procedure. It's not that a woman at eight and a half months goes into a doctor or a clinic and says, well, I've changed my mind. I don't want to have this baby. After all. And then the doctor says, okay, we'll hop up on the table, and let's just eliminate it. That's not what happens. It's not what happens. So don't let people try to fool you into thinking. That is what happens they are actually quite rare. And they are done because it is something that the doctor and the woman have determined is a real medical necessity eight ten tennis, the telephone number eight hundred eight eight ten we go to Theresa in Crockett Theresa. Hi, welcome to K, G O. I I just wanted to say I before I out my opinion that I am pro-life. I believe in the right till I spot saying not what they're trying to do. Now is absolutely ridiculous. It's putting women back in the archaic times, forcing us and men to impregnate us and walk away. They walk away. All all these all the time. So mention be punished if they're going to punish a woman say for having an illegal abortion, and they're stating oh, either the death penalty. Well, then that man should go to mention not get that section either. Condoms sitting be available for men. Right right because another aspect of it. You're right because they've they are also attacking a woman's right to seek contraception. And I have heard nobody say that a man should not be able to get condoms. Exactly. This is another man in religious way of putting women back in what they believe the place. We should be submissive to them. Yeah. To raise some Theresa as a whip. And you're a pro-life woman, and I appreciate so much that you have so much thought and an understanding of how objectionable these policies are had three daughters grown now. And now, I've got granddaughters. And I'm not not just as you know, I taught them the respect of life and the respective your body, and there are ways there's so many ways that we could address unwanted pregnancy. Without actually having to kill them force them because I can you know, you know, I'm I'm I really on the fence with that. But we have you know, the day after pill for rape and incest. We have birth control. I put my daughter's birth control of as start bleeding. Well, I haven't done that. Blower. No. But my daughter's, you know, were fourteen and I'm like, you know, I an unwanted pregnancy. My mother withdrew birth control for me. And I didn't know it's time. This is sixty years ago that missed a day or two the pill you get pregnant. Well, I wasn't going to allow that for my daughter. So I hated the pro-life, but to be respectful and responsible and responsive to take away the, right example. Exactly, exactly. And so you are getting away with men are getting away with what just poking and who they want all does it work. And I'm I'm tired of this this stance against women to thank you. They were a better or the better. Well, thank you. I appreciate that very much. And I think that there's it's a it's a double edged sword because on the one hand the this these same lawmakers, and there are women to like, I said, I saw this on one of the shows sign I think that it was John Oliver where there was a woman standing up and referring to this embryo as a baby fetus, it was the weirdest thing. And she seemed like she was not just a Kook. But a dumb Kook. So this this goes across genders. Although generally when these laws are passed, it is usually a majority of male lawmakers who are in support of these things, and it is so utterly offensive. And like I said, it's a double edged sword because they're going after sex education, they're going after and they are they're going after sex education. They're going after contraception, so, okay. You don't really know about sex or what it's doing or how babies are made. And and you know, how the whole process works. Then. You can't get a contraceptive to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. And then if you get an unwanted pregnancy. They wanna force you to carry that pregnancy to term, and then when you give birth who's responsible for that baby who is responsible. It's it's on the woman. It's always on the woman. Eight ten is the telephone number and besides that can I just say something that everybody should know. And it shouldn't have to be said pregnancy has killed when historically women have died and died and died and died in childbirth. It can really damage a woman's how some women just shouldn't be pregnant others have very difficult, pregnancies. It happens all the time even today with modern medicine, it still happens all the time less frequently. But it still happens. How can you allow somebody to force you to carry a pregnancy to term when this is an unwanted pregnancy? Eight ten is the telephone number. Let's go to Susan Susan. That's in Santa Cruz. Hey, susannah. Welcome to K G. Oh, hi there. Hi. One of those women who are kind of in the middle. If you will, you know, I understand people who believe conceptional life begins at conception, understand or religious bent that. That's what they believe. Okay. And I'm not going to condemn them because that's what they believe. Right. Okay. Right now on the far end with the a couple of the law were trying to pass a law that you can have an abortion all the way up to the time that you give hurt I do not condone that I I don't think I don't I haven't seen any laws that would allow an abortion up to the time of birth. I thought New York was supposedly in that order now, what would abortion or what New York was. I mean, that's how it was being stated they were even saying that you could abort after a baby was born that you had like an hour to go before you could kill the baby. And that's not what it was at all what it was was that. If there was like, the the insofar like. Baby that was born without a brainstorm or with just a brains without the rest of their brain. The idea was that the physician once the baby is born that they wouldn't be forced to provide lifesaving measures because is going to die anyway. And there's you don't have to live. I guess you'd have to look at the of law because I understood it to be different. That's an unusual a very unusual case that uses sided, but I look at the language of the law determine if it allows it, so we're I'm coming down. This is if I actually think Roe versus Wade was a very very well reasoned court decision, and it triggered inviolability. Right. I messed trimester okays second trimester, you know, issues between divide -bility, and what the women's medical help and the baby's medical health and third trimester. No abortion. Right. So I guess the question is since we're versus Wade has been decided the viability litmus test has definitely become much earlier in a woman's pregnancy. So. So I guess my feeling is this is that I think there has to be the middle ground. And I think that somewhere in that second twenty Mestre is Lynn the woman. No longer has the right to supersede the growing fetus that is bible outside for womb. You know viability. I think incident, I don't think I don't think that's an unreasonable idea at all, you know, the idea of viability, and when the fetus becomes viable, and that's something that, you know, we need to talk with with medical professionals because sometimes we call it viable, if you're able to extract the fetus, and then through a number of different highly technological things you're able to keep the fetus alive and allow it to develop, but viability I think is a reasonable thing to consider, you know, as technology advances when you're considering elective abortions because many abortions. Especially after the first trimester are not really elective. Eighty eight ten is the telephone number. This is K geo Rasmusen poll,.

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