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And you have to make do without 'em players play well in a backup role. They get picked up somewhere else promoted, and you have to and bring the young guys up and and coach them up. And hope there's a lot of just fingers crossed stuff that goes on happens all the time. Yeah. Right. Right. Who's had a long career? Betty white. She has Ryan that's a wonderful answer. It is she had did, you know to eighty years on TV. What happened eighty years on TV and this book world? Yeah. Well with the longest. It was a great call. It was people that don't know why these two guys are acting like knuckleheads right now. Jean john. I'm just I'm just itching in. Book of world records. I always thought I was going to inform Ron the Aspen this whole con conversations been based on Betty white who's turned ninety seven today. Yeah. You guys made it a chuckle head mill and Joe has said awful things about in the past. Yeah. You well, you're right. You said good things about Betty white. And how you feel about her. Do that was when she was ninety two. On just that was pretty good. All right. Eight eight eight seven to nine ninety four ninety four thought to own and glass, bro. What's up on cougar hunters back? Okay. Yeah. His better, both even a cougar. I mean, she's She's like. she's like a unicorn kuker. I want to mount Rushmore Cougars joke try to on his closet. That's how many. Sports go. So as well Brett clown Breckland Breckland rows with this be back. Rotea? I will continue to say this every time it's up, and we talk about how good of a guy. He had let him go. Be a good guy up at the top and clap like gave Gary. Okay, he hired a son. So that means they can't fire him. He's not gonna go anywhere. It drives you crazy because we blow who you're talking on confused. He's talking about. His son. Ellen Brandt hired his own son. No Brett cloud hired his son out Brown. That's not fair. That's not fair. Family time. You ain't going nowhere. How would you tell your son? You going to work. So that's a problem with Davitti. He's back coach, clap it up into the culture thing. But he's not a good coach gloats made thirty point lead and the scare the playoffs. That's common. Secondly, it's one pitching a little thing about cream on the worst thing is I have a daughter. I'm worried about the by kicker, but. There's something the police investigation. They found that women fall to she attack. Some of the females. He went crazy went overboard. But do we stop people from having a job for making a mistake? The police didn't arrest them. They knew all the facts, nobody presently trust guessing because they would I guess themselves are separate and somewhere there. Oh, so how when someone doesn't get arrested. They don't have trying to find against the are. They. Because this is his job. He shook it another chance. I don't know if it's not. But the guy should have another opportunity. Probably will hate listen. He probably get that chance. But it's the thing an organization has to make a decision if they brand. So that's you know, that's very touchy for some anger counseling and bring him in here. Let's. Who's had a long career? I'll give you another. Kuker Barbara's five. Yes. Had a long career. They say she's very difficult, John. Well, yeah. Sort of comes across that way. I love her in with your other girl selene Dion selene Dion who I've read doesn't even speak. If she's not singing because she doesn't want to up her voice. Really? Yeah. I'd seems like something Barbra Streisand would do to you know, like just very self important. Yes. Not good. They also said it was difficult. Now, do you find selene Dion attractive? I do not. I really do. Not you swear, she's not like wildly unattractive. But I would not say she's overly attractive. Okay. I'll tell you who is attractive though. But they say very difficult now, she's not quite the star. She was fifteen years ago. But she's still pretty big deal. Jennifer lopez. They said it was a very difficult star on sets. Really? Yeah. You heard of that stuff? Right. James? I think back in the day vaguely remember that. But not in a while bigger. Diva J J lo or Odell Beckham bigger diva you decide. Oh, yeah. Probably know J J lo you know, the the photos from the swag bags that. I see like when I'm at the grocery store. She's always got the same. Look that looks like a diva look like sort of don't photographic. No knowing that she's being photographed she's trying to look so mysterious in pouty. Ooh. Alicia SilverStone, pouty or a different kind of Palley as if as as if it's talked to French francs. We just went around Hollywood right there. What's going on Frank? Fellas. I wanna say real quick about the Carson fold situation is if I sold on Carson being the future at some point you have to beat decision or when you're gonna actually start the feature I like full for the city not for the team. But if you just going to be a backup. Yeah. Let him go source aren't so if the traded first round pick for why we all think that move. Yeah. Definitely. As far as far as the Sixers go though, I think if I've seen Toronto with the Eastern Conference finals this year, the we are talking to a friend of mine, they have a built a good squat about the with the inside out and BB shooter kinda throws everybody off. That's about it though. I don't see get fired for the playoffs. See they're doing something a little crazier. Not really extra anything, right? Maybe something happens on the line. And they get a better coaching option. I frankly, Frank who's had a long career Cecily Tyson. Yeah. Well, I guess I mean, she's probably only in her fifties. Maybe I wonder what kind of crazy thing red Brown. Does along the way he was thinking of what do you mean? I said not not getting Brett Brown is not going to get fired for not making the playoffs. They're losing early in the playoffs. You're going to do something crazy along the way. And we're going to bring in a new better coach, I didn't know what he meant there reference. If the Sixers don't even make the playoffs. I he lost me there. Because of course, they're gonna make the playoffs. Maybe I misheard it. That's how I that's what I thought he said, I I'm just trying to envision like crazy Brett Brown out of control Brett Brown doing something. Here's what here's what I think ban Gandhian. Here's what I think has been tough for Brett Brown. I will say this. And basketball teams deal to sell not not all time his beard, by the way. It looks cool. I totally agree. He looks cool. The silver FOX, great luck sculpted out. It's fantastic. Got like gr- a special beard groomer. I bet I bet he doesn't. But you know. He said he does why not. I mean, you think he goes to a. Machines. Michelle, you many like goes down the street to the barber grooms beer now. Like, no like, I used to cut my hair with my beard groomer, you should do that again. Have you? You just shaved with a razor straight razor, a straight razor. No, I don't I'm just using the term a razor. What's the difference between a razor in Australia, Australia, razors, like a one like? It's like a slash played actually straight long-term. Gotcha. All right. Is that razor you use like a BIC disposable total raise early disposal. Use it ten times. I throw it out. You know, totally disposable. You get you get like ten for twelve bucks or something. I don't know what your costs. Okay. So that's my that's well, I think a lot of people have like the beard groomer thing, you shave in the shower, or by the sink, the sink seltzer shake sink or Xiaojing. Yeah. This sink chink there. Shower ya. Mirror in the shower. I do not wait Addy shaver that a mirror. What's no, come nowhere to go? Nope. Nope. Nope. That's impossible. Razer razor without a mirror. No mirror. What? No mere. I think it's impossible that my life. No, no. Do it because it's no you have to see where you're putting the blaze, but you miss a hair when you're doing is. Sideburns don't match up. I know where the sideburns start and just bang on down from there. Not not that hard. What's so hard about that? Coordinating literally never heard it has nothing to do with coordination. What does everyone do? According to the only thing that matters is making sure you start on the right and left by the sideburns where they were they end and go down and everything else is easy to make. Very easy. I Twitter poll. Twitter poll question brought to us by the casino at Delaware park sportsbook. I can't be the only one I just can't imagine. I think. Five sixty five fifty differences of anyone out there who doesn't use a mere when they shave right or it's not hard to do. I I I've never heard of it before you're the first would you like to step in and and Nope. No, no demonstration. Nope. Nope. Today's do you know who doesn't use a mirror when they shave ladies? True. I mean, they shave their legs in the shower. Just like you shave your face in the sheriff. A lady your legs. Oh, I know. But Joe is shaving like a lady it's a mistake in method. Why people say look like Redford and a talks. Hi, today's question. John how much do you believe in Carson Wentz moving forward? How do you think? People voting are coming down here. A completely be not as much as I used to see not at all be. Thinks the winter. Yes incorrect. It is incorrect I'm shocked by its very incompletely. Seventy five percent. Not as much as I used to twenty three percent. Which is where I am. I don't know how to vote on this. I do almost completely believe in him. But I don't believe in him as much as I used to. I have to see him prove that he can bounce back from what was a subpar performance this year. I'm very surprised very surprised by this poll, I reunited again two percent for not at all. I let's turn to quickly here. We're looking for the answer in honor of Betty white today who turned ninety seven years old today. The answer to the question who had or has had a long career returning to remove and fast, Stephen Southampton. Steve who's had a long career? Gentlemen. My biggest thing. And I can't believe that anybody hasn't said this yet because this is sports related should be Ricky Henderson. Ricky Henderson had an incredible career. Ricky Henderson has one of the most incredible final baseball cards of all time the numbers on the back of the card at the end of his career or so fricking small because he played so many years. Great answer, Stephen New Jersey, Steve who's had a long career. Jon Landau when dad had a long long career, and it's getting a hell of a pension for all those years playing. The NFL is upon her Ryan who had long career Ryan. John madden. John madden. Did he three different careers? But yes, if you go from start to finish John Madden did indeed any MAC, by the way, never got tiny MAC never said and John Madden NFL career began where the Oakland. Nope. Philadelphia Herat's, correct. Good job. A draft. Pick of the Philadelphia Eagles. I've heard I've heard you guys about a year ago. And both you guys last year said, I didn't know and he never played for them. But he was drafted her side. I think it was drafted and never played for them had an injury and moved quickly into coaching and the rest was history. All right times. Yours coming up. Next. Course, we always love..

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