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All of them i guarantee you this because i know what it is they're selling a life insurance policy now i'm in favor of many permanent life insurance policies but only for the right people that brings me to steeds female right i've heard you speak positively about i l that's index universal life the commercial talks about they don't talk about it they had it from you but i think they're pitching whole life but they're priced pretty much the same all right i don't wanna get into the debate over that was i i like him whether it's all live or even variable life for certain people but not everyone and to compare them to a 401k planner an ira or a roth is totally disingenuous anyway talk positively about them in the past but also say it's not for everyone that's true my wife and i had two children ages eight and ten we aren't a combined two hundred eighty thousand dollars annually we are forty four and forty two i have a 401k she only works part time what an ideal makes sense for her we can save two thousand dollars a month above my max 401k contribution yes the answer to steve is yes it may make sense for her.

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