Sean Spicer, Donald Trump, Walter Lettmann discussed on Slate's Trumpcast - A Separate Narrative


No i think the economy is doing great begin look look this in charge in that how do you can't have you deal with that that that at almost mix politics impossible yet another jamaa to her i really don't buy myth it's true i think everyone must clarifying moments of the early administration was i think one of the early press conferences when sean spicer was asked by reporters you know trump it settle the stuff during the campaign about how the numbers from the bureau of labor statistics on the upon improving had been bunk but now you have you had i think in in late january or february numbers showing a continued improvement so the question to spicer was does president trump still think that the bureau labor statistics is full of crap and spicer's response was now he thinks he thinks the numbers are real now and presumably trump supporters sort of role without now i don't really know whether if varies singer improving obviously but they're proving more sluggishly in some places numbers which is one of the reasons why trump got some disaffected voters but if if things continue to go sort of sluggishly in those areas i i really don't know if that actually impacts trump negatively one thing one thing that you want to say about this moment is that these sorts of problems of not being able to reach certain people with the facts are not really new yeah um and are not really can exclusive two conservative politics ideological politics may have been reading a book called public opinion by walter lettmann deserved one in wonderful book is written and be believed in the early 20th um and it was sort of his assessment of democracy going back to the founding and how it works out in america an easy points out that you know it democracy is really hard and one of the reasons why it's really hard is that even if you are engaged citizen who tries their best uh to understand politics and policy in and you know if you do stretch spent portions of every single day trying to.

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