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News from your neighborhood we're bringing over from our technical producer what's out there Sir yes this coming out of the Madera Tribune so for the sake of the community the city of Madera parks and community service department will be closing all city owned parks over Easter weekend Friday through Sunday in the city will re open the parks on Monday with the goal of keeping them open through the pandemic as long as they remain a safe environment okay the most for the weekend but open on Monday okay to head on out there this morning house Republicans now criticizing the WHL the global health chief that's are gonna surprise you at all now okay that's just going to intensify well you know I mean this is unprecedented will I mean at least back in nineteen eighteen and before the who was even around around no this is unprecedented and then you know there's gonna be arguments between the two and how things are handled I love this story out of Georgia Tybee island Georgia customers at the sandbar there have been stapling dollar bills on the walls and ceilings for years I love that I love when you go into a bar and they got all the dollar bills up there sometimes people write little notes on them yes do that for years at that place Jennifer knocks the owner is now paying her staff with that money holy smokes she has been able to take down the dollar bills one by one and give that cash to employees who came out to almost four grand I mean it's it's heartwarming in its sad all all in one right so she was able to give it some customers also donated money but between the bartenders and musicians and the staff and everything she was able to give each employee about six hundred dollars each you know we're coming together as a country I I I mean if we're doing what we can I know we are we are I mean that's it it's going to be in it and that from an economic standpoint it's going to be a little bumpy yeah it's going to be or it's gonna be a little bit of a rough ride we'll get back so it was a multi million dollar program they said it would get homeless off the street during the pandemic that's not what happened while most of us were sheltering in place the homeless remained on the streets of a local city so what happened here R. Amanda Carol's gonna join us yes you'll join us soon but coming up we're gonna be talking about family work spaces all that's rainfall tie generations in the same household using the same wifi how's that going for you will have that three minute feeling.

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