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Awards in the MBA being are coming down was his A heads up programming wise, Sekou Smith. Eh? NBA TV analyst is going to join us in our very next segment to give us some insight on things going on in the NBA as well as you know, his thoughts on some of those teams were eliminated. Because they were there was some good ones that jazz Donovan Mitchell hit all of it with Sekou Smith in our next segment, but I was mentioning John Moran PTE. Was named the rookie of the year. It was overwhelming as well. We will get to that in inbounds and out of bounds things to talk about. Regarding the rookie of the year, the team the Memphis Grizzlies, They weren't ready to go much farther in the MBA playoffs, but are even get into the NBA playoffs. They lost out to the Portland Trailblazers, But that team seems like they're coming at some point. Well last night when we were watching the Boston Celtics, even though they didn't have a vintage game, Kimble Walker played great. He's been great all season long had 29 points. Jason Tatum, who was usually money as a A cz, really The out for the star of that of that team had a little bit off day was 5 18 from the field only had 15 points. And probably Mohr. Importantly defensively, he had a little bit of a let down at the end of this game. We all know how it came down. Kimble Walker. If you watch the Kimble Walker, which is slicing and Dyson at the top of the key, a crossing guys up three or four times before he dipped into the lane to the top of the key, sweet backdoor past that set up the game winner of Tio thesis. Daniel thieves who slammed at home with half a second left in the game, But on the other end and you get an inbounds pass Tatum to supposed to rotate and stick with his guy he did not. And this happened. Kyle will in about Red Stevens saying to taco Fall move forward James Caper Cisco Back up and an OBE catch and shoot.

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