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Think. One other thing I want to get to get get get get you guys on is what do you think's GonNa happen with individual players now and the reason I ask is one thing I'd sort of heard at You know I'd say like a month a month half ago. I started asking around with some of the guys who work in college scouting. Do you think? There's going to be an exodus of players and like we're GONNA get whatever a few dozen star players leaving now we've got a few right like Mike Parsons and. And Kayla Farley from Virginia Tech and Greg Russo from Miami and and Rondell more from produce we've had a few but one of the things that I thought was interesting. That was really common that I heard from a lot of these guys who you know I was asking do you think you'll see this was? They'll probably go back as long as they have something to play for right like they'll probably go back if there's a real college football playoff if there's a national championship to play for it, they'll probably go back if there is that. Now. That things have sort of become bastardized a little bit and like pat like we could have like two separate seasons could have theoretically the big ten in the pack twelve going in January or in the spring and then be sec the ACC and the big twelve going in the fall. Do you guys foresee any more players opting out now? Because again, the season's going to might look a little sideways. Sure. Yeah. I think there'll be more guys that do I think as you mentioned, there's several that have already done. So but I think some more just kind of holding. Their cards to see exactly what it looks like, and then do they even have to make a decision I mean I'm sure a lot of guys would just as soon. Let the the course of the conference decision be their decision so they don't have to be the one that steps out says Hell No, I'm not playing. It's like well, I couldn't have played anyway because we don't have a season because you know we don't have the conference decided now So but the longer we go if we're going to get to kick off yeah, I think we will see more players. Dropout and. Think anybody blames them even a little bit. You know very personal decision and a lot of them have big things on their mind professionally after this so I I would be surprised if there's not. Many more changes I would think. Me Think Ross. Yeah Yeah I mean same thing I. I would think we're going to have a more domino's I'll stop keeping track at a file keeping it up album it was like up to. Like twenty, five, power, five players in. You know probably I guess many five, seven of them were drafted draftable maybe a little more So I I don't know what it's up to now it's probably well over forty or fifty I I gotta go. There is a friend of mine is keeping track of they're GONNA go check it out but I was in a phone with somebody from Lsu, who, of course, the hunt where Jomar chase plays and I was like, what? What is your June because his dad had come out and said he played no matter what in Just. Even even a personal works at Lsu call. What are they thinking like what is he doing i? Mean if he was to get the hell out of here man is so it's funny to sit a person from the school you know is is saying that there's any interruption or delays things started getting bad during the season. If we do get to a false season, you can bet like someone Jomar, they're gonNA go midseason they're going to go get it was interesting because like I looked at so I kind of did the two thousand, nineteen draft, right? So I looked at it and I was like, okay. So I'm going to kind of rewind it a year and would these guys have gone as high as they did right and so Joe Boroughs obviously outlined Joe Borough benefited huge from coming back and having that extra year but then you go down the list chase. Yang. We Knew Jeff Okuda we knew Andrew Thomas we knew to we knew Justin Herbert we knew Derek Brown we knew Zeta Simmons we knew and so you kind of keep going down the list. Feels to me guys. I'd like your perspective on this because you guys covered day to day. It feels like what the real now later on in the draft that some different but it does feel like they're a good amount of kids where like I think we know what they are and they could probably walk away and be. Okay. Yeah Nogami Jamaa EPSOM PNAIES Sewell. At Oregon certainly. There's plenty of of the high end draft picks that You know occasionally obviously the job rose don't happen very often. Now you can have some people that could go maybe from third round grade to a first-round grade or something like that or a five to a to, but you don't often go from the fifth the fifth round pick to the number one overall pick. So I think I. Think for the most part I. Mean. And I. Imagine agents are probably telling the top guys say, yes, you're fine. You know or even the even that kind of second layer guys you're going to be okay. You don't have to play if you want to be okay but don't feel compelled to help yourself out. I just wonder if there's going to be a long reaching impact to Ross 'cause Christian McCaffrey open that door, right? I mean, he opened that door for everybody, skip their bowl game, and now the sun because guys had cover they went and did it right like so like if this works out if you have. Say Fifteen twenty guys. The first round that didn't play this year and they're just fine. You wonder if that started become an option and that's good for nobody. So maybe then the NFL's got to reevaluate the three year rule is not really good for the kid to sit out a year. Right? He's only doing it to protect themselves not good for the school as not good for the NFL either that's not good that that you know they're bringing in guys who haven't played football ear. Yeah. The three year rule I, think I. You know you and you might know more than me, but it just seems like. People in College in college seeing that are not getting on board with the eliminate the three year role in a lot of it's coming from in I l you know able in especially coaches like, oh, they want money they can just leave right now. That's fine. We'll just deal with it mean really that's I mean America is was to have a little more freedom open market stuff like just they wanna go just let them go I was talking to a a senator about NFL in it's one of the he was a little bit knowledgeable unlike most of them a little bit knowledgeable about couch foresees why can't they? They should be able to go like they should be freshman we gotTA. Go a high school senior should be able to go and I, remember Coverdale Shoe back in thirteen ninety in I as less miles like where would Leonard Fournette at high school because I mean high school? I. Saw spy actually happen to see him play in high school on my advice of Kevin, faulk Kevin. I was down in New Orleans for a game and Texaco, sometimes I like to go to a high school game just to see what it's like and areas where when I'm at a game somewhere. So I texted Kevin Faulk and I had no idea what seen Augustine was and he said, go check out this kid Leonard Fournette, he was a junior in high school at the time. And I swear to. God. He was thirty years old..

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