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Whatever you know you can't just go in hit someone and not take responsibility or have anything happen to you because we days ten to eleven AM and two to three PM on news radio kale BJ she's not a very good example for the kids but check this out a Louisiana woman has been arrested for selling fake doctor notes to students so they could get out of school fifty two year old Melinda Gail Fondren she worked at a medical clinic and she was selling doctors notes excuse notes for twenty Bucks a piece while to students of one high school use those notes fourteen times Google racket that's the first lesson right there kids if you're going to be doing this kind of racket you can't use it fourteen times you got to use it sparingly or somebody's gonna catch on and be sure to laminate it now while he gets right signed by at Steve's mom right now what with the school board became suspicious they call the doctor at the clinic and he said I didn't treat those students I didn't give him any kind of excuse note well the investigation led to miss Fondren who worked as a clerical in a clerical position there in the office Fondren was arrested for filing or maintaining false public records mom is at a misdemeanor or a felony sounds like a pretty serious thing yeah while she just trying to help the kids out may Hey twenty Bucks is twenty Bucks Hey I want to tell about about some going on forty five right now I've got a bad record looks like south bend thirty five before imail ke if you got a bad back up going all the way to two ninety right now I would avoid self down thirty five get over on anything others then NASA an eighteen wheel or something it brought yeah so somebody that's there I witness a five one two eight three six zero five whatever it is it's back and things that bad you get a chance to talk to a bar owners venue owners occasionally occasionally any kind of conversation about this on going homeless issue at all I mean a lot of business leaders have rallied together to try to do what they can to help solve I mean I think it's unfair to them you know personally but you know what's what's the answer I don't have it I guess the governor thinks he does but yeah the mayor doesn obviously well we heard from a couple of bartenders the the Tribune has an interesting story with the governor is telling the T. A. B. C. to go out to tell bartenders and bar owners to do their part to protect patrons from does it may become violent L. outside how do your exact image I don't know the bar higher Rangers state hello bartenders responsible for what happens outside the via yeah I agree and Leslie over serve somebody I I think the business owner or manager does bear a little bit of responsibility there as far as its you do it is part of your responsibility to make sure your patrons are safe inside the inside that day is also trying to get inside of the best ones wind of what point are they not responsible how are away from the business if the if there becomes a true danger of someone getting hurt if someone's making threats I think it is time to bring in yeah yeah but I yeah absolutely I think we all agree on that inside the bar but outside the bar I think so I thank all how did a bouncer get a big **** events are out there yeah who's willing that I've seen those out there on the streets in Iraq it right in front of the jurors but I mean I don't think it's fair to the borrow is because people are not not coming downtown because they're afraid to go Sunday right there is is the key that it's it on their business because people want to come in the deal with I'll be honest with you I think that's part of the master plan with the city council there could be a drive some business away make it impossible to own a bar or restaurant downtown they leave and then they will you know so the property some international investor built a high rise condo there you go this truly change the thinking of a lot of people experience as someone said Hey you wanna meet down at this casino El Camino downtown there's one downtown okay originally there at it on Saturday and I'm thinking man you know that that that burgers worth it all I know I I know I I we step over a couple homeless people that burgers worth it mom to beat up by it is first that's what I literally would have to do have a promotion take a punch from a draw for a if you were the thirty percent off that's right yeah no they got a good burger that's what I hear but what I hear still one of the coolest bars in Austin I'm I guess I'm just gonna go for it yeah you should I mean if they read it you can even get the check and if you want to have the read me get the check and Jeff is great so I'm not going to step over homeless people for you gotta have yeah yes good red meat and a good pay all step over you read me yeah I you can't gonna be okay I'm really worried about you cat did you hear about my cat I didn't a.

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