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Problem bye bye. Thank you see in this segment segment usually NBA. We'll stand for no basketball allow but in this episode we've got to take a look inside the NBA before we can look outside of the NBA. Because Miami Amy Heat Guard Dion waiters experienced quote unquote panic attack on the teams charter flight. Thursday night after consuming a THC infused edible. He's since been and suspended for ten games for conduct detrimental to the team. I think this will spark a conversation no pun intended about marijuana around the NBA and even before this incident with dion waiters. Commissioner Adam Silver spoke last season about marijuana usage in and around the NBA on Howard. Beck's full forty eight podcast. It's a question if we ban marijuana of what they'll then otherwise us I've had players tell me that I don't smoke marijuana use marijuana because you guys drug tests and it's banning I accept that that so instead. I was written a prescription by a team doctor for an anti anxiety. Medication and that medication makes me uncomfortable. And I I recognize that that medication may be worse for the player than smoking marijuana. Even marijuana isn't great for you and I also recognize that if they don't want to anti anxiety medication location and they don't make can't smoke marijuana they may drink more which is perfectly legal. Obviously we can't overuse use alcohol in our league but we don't have approach on drinking and that might be much worse for them. So we're I'm in and I think this is why our discussion with the Union. Let's look to the experts to inform us as I said this is not. This is not one where it has to be adversarial. What's best interest of the players? And what's in the best incidentally before we talk about whether or not you agree with commissioner silver. I want to know whether or not you think this incident with Dion will perhaps halt some of that progress. I don't know if this issue with Dion will halt the progress but I do believe that it brings negative attention to the purpose because a lot of the purpose of the fight to legalize. It has been to replace some medicines sins that have far worse effects than marijuana. THC things like that. So it's about drawing that line of are you doing it. Because you're covering with a knee injury to play their swelling to help with pain management it some of the similar reasons why you get prescribed some of these medicines than d think that this incident could perhaps further further the stigma surrounding marijuana usage. I do believe that it is a check on the side of people that are against legalizing it in the sense of the abuse. which is what you worry about? I mean there was a point in our country in our in our time in our country where alcohol was illegal and the stigma behind that was negative one and just as we heard the commissioner speak about it. Too much of anything is a bad thing. And that's what we have to realize going into this but the question is raised you know. Is this something that you need to look into. And experts as he spoke about need to give more information because the biggest concern our players health and safety and not just as we found out in football not just the years. They're playing but in the future because if I'm taking a pain pill that's GonNa Affect my stomach my liver my organs. And you're telling me I can take thc or CBD and it have no long lasting effect impact on my body then. Are we doing it because just the stigma behind marijuana is bad and that's why we're not prescribing it. And that's why it's on the drug tests or are we doing it because it's really what's best for the players could then the NBA be at the forefront of helping to push this issue forward even as states laws. Continue to catch up if there is a sports league. That's going to do it it's the NBA. It's going to have to be. I feel like the NBA has always been on the forefront of change. If you look at the history of the game always always whether it'd be in civil rights whatever it's always on the forefront of making change which has been so interesting to me as I've researched further on this topic to find that the former commissioner David Stern is also I mean a guy who can I call him rigidly conservative on Uganda. Major issues. Shoes feels as passionately has he does and spoke to Al Harrington about it in two thousand seventeen and then we go change collectible ingredient and let you do with legal in your state. I don't think if marijuana is now in the process of being legalized. I would think you should be allowed to do. What's legal in your state so now I think it's up to the sports leagues to anticipate where this is going? And maybe lead the way. Did you feel like the NBA would prescribe marijuana WanNa but it would be once all the tests done about prescribing it. It's about deciding to take it off the banned substance of because it's no different than other subjects objects that may work. We're not work with particular players. I'm now at the point where personally I think it probably should be removed from the banned list. The do you agree or disagree. Disagree with former commissioner stern that it should be removed from the banned substance list. I agree with the Commissioner. Even while it's still illegal in most states you know we always joke that Los Angeles and California is a different world in Los Angeles and in California in the last three to five years. You have seen the difference in in the impact it has had in the amount of THC CD stores just around. That five years ago would have been unheard of and I do believe that if it's it's not affecting you in terms of long-term effects I think that's what we're we're forgetting the long term effects of some of these medicines and these drugs that are being prescribed. We don't have all day kristen. But you brought up a Lamar Odom in the sense of some of these. Athletes are being addicted to some of these painkillers. Alerts that are being prescribed by team physicians. Which is to commissioner? Silver's point that he would rather some of these guys find more natural solution to their pain management than in some of these prescriptions. That are being prescribed that they're flat out not comfortable with and I think the stigma of smoking marijuana now. That's what the perception is is that you're going to get in your cars after games and you're GONNA smoke. And that's the thing that we're speaking about with Dion. Waiters waiters is setting it back abuse in anything you do is a negative thing if you over abuse anything. It has a negative effect effect on things and so I think it's just finding the right balance getting the right people that are knowledgeable in this subject to come forward but I do believe the NBA will be the First Sports League to legalize it. How thin I mean? I guess he can't make anything like this quote Unquote Fair. While it's still illegal in most states but how how then do you make it more fair for the NBA teams. That are in states where it is legal. Is that going to impact perhaps where players with pain management issues. WanNa play well everybody wants to come out to La California anyway. But I guarantee if it's only legal in the states at which it's state legal you enter into a whole nother set of problems if you think about it if I'm flying team and I fly to Los Angeles and my then allowed to do something in another state that in my home state it's not legal and then it gets an a team. I think it has to be across the board. It's legal you think it has to be across the board acceptable for the NBA players or across the board. We wait until it's legal. Federally I think across the board it has to be wiped out as a banned substance on an NBA tests drug to us us. That's a wrap on episode three a huge thanks to Allyson Felix to see McCullough..

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