Travis Atkins, John Clemens, President Trump discussed on Radio Night Live with Kevin McCullough


It was a somber ceremony. President Trump avoided the family of an army staff sergeant killed in Iraq the congressional medal of honor with more on this story. Here's John Clemens. Thirty-one-year-old Travis Atkins was trying to subdue a terrorist. When he was killed. Mr. Trump explain Atkins turned himself into a human shield. Travis wrapped his arms and his entire body around him and threw him to the ground away from his troops. Who are right next to him. He put himself on the top of the enemy, and he shielded his men from certain death. The terrorists that needed his suicide vest and Travis was instantly killed. I'm John Clemens. Stormy daniels. Attorney is speaking out USA radio networks. Tim Burke reports attorney Michael ebanon details. CBS news. He is nervous scared about the possibility of going to prison, but denies he did anything wrong now on Monday, Evan hardy was charged in New York, and California what the tempting to extort millions. Of dollars from Nike everybody discusses the charges against him in California on CBS this morning. The client who is accusing me of embezzlement is currently on felony probation in California. You know, what he was convicted of multiple counts of attaining money under false pretenses? It turns out, and I didn't know this at the time that he has an extensive criminal background and rap sheet for USA radio news. I'm Wendy king. Damn celia. A nation that is on the biblical principle values and the ethics found in scripture Russia financial issues. But I think it's time we ask ourselves if we still know the freedom. The host, Dan. Welcome back. Dan, Syria, and it's great to be here. Eight four four seven zero seven sixty five thirty three.

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