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A place where legends are made it impossible jumps. That seem to freeze mid air and spectaculars. Feels that you didn't see coming. It's that one. Play that last seconds that you will talk about for the rest of your life and let's face it. It's the unpredictability of at all. Never knowing when the next big moment will happen. Huge wins and crushed dreams. It's the drama of it all. You just can't make this stuff up that's the nba. that's game the nba playoffs are happening. Right now don't miss all the action below muhammad. Let us not forget the name. Because we're talking about navy blah. Muhammad gets another way he beats daime. Maya wasn't the most fun fight to watch. But i think we sort of expected that despite played-out let me just be clear exactly the way i thought it was going to go like my is gonna get him down. Mohammed was going to avoid the submission and then just win the next two rounds and here we are but it appears damian had his final flight. I'm not here to push people out the door. But this point. I feel like that's probably the right thing to do But on the other side. It's very difficult to look good stay. Maya will. Burns did was super impressive. That doesn't happen very often but below goes out. There does what he needs to do. He gets the win but to me. It's two choices. aka one. The best choice is you give them. Neil magny. I really want to see that fight. I wanna see. These guys. put put their respective paces on the other or the other option. And this probably isn't going to be super popular for blah but given the winner of sean brady vs heavenly but magna's my pick what say you yeah. Magni was easy. Pick for me. They're right around the same spot in the rankings. They're both guys just amazing cardio. No i would love. See that as the five rounder. Again we sort of talked about this on other shows like i hope a non native five rounders become more of a things so i mean this could be. This could be the main event of a fight night but even but even in the case where it doesn't pay the guys pay the guys more money for two extra rounds and let's get in the five rounds because You these guys would go ten rounds. Magny one hundred always in amazing shape Always pushing the pace of again. We saw that. Muhammad maya fight him he just fifteen minutes by clearly outlasts them. I'll have more to say about that later but yeah no. I'm not gonna stray too far from that. I like the idea of the brady. Kevin lee thing but for me neil. Magny makes the most sense magni. I know he's he's good to call people he's also good to sign on with whatever name they send him. So this is. I think it's the right the right. Move to make we head to the light heavyweight division. It kicked off the rivalries real. The heat was there a paul. Krugman just goes out there. Everyone keeps sleeping on. The sky comes out as a massive underdog and he brutally stops jamal hill with the arm bar broke his arm and referee al gyns decided you know what that arms you know that arms flopping around going from side to side but It's cool. Maybe he can come out of it. Maybe he can beat them with the bone. That's loose skin. Like twenty to thirty seconds dude. The correct answers. Paul craig albani like that is the correct answer. But just so bad. We can't a fruit that sorta come on the commission. Let's allegany rafic and certainly approved him to fight out greg but in all series like what do we do with with with paul craig right now because the guys on a nice little run right now. Those was a big win for him. well you mentioned like the armed flopping around. I believe paul. It translated the paul craig. Scottish accurately. I believe he called it It felt like a wet fish was flopping around on his body. So that's nice so that's great. That's on the field when you're when you're in the middle of flight I feel like his next opponent has to be someone from this sort of and i was surprised that all these books i swear they had fights book from the volka who's demeer Alexander rock itch ally of cluster. Got vice both. I won't. I've said i want a ankle. I have to one another. That makes the most sense so that leaves us to mirror. I think that's the way to go for. Paul craig high-ranking guy As proven to be a stiff test for everyone to five i. I'm not gonna call him gatekeeper yet. I still think damir has the potential gonna run and maybe it again for a title someday right now though he's kind of in that testing lower ranking guy's face so i'll go with a craig and on mirror. There's really no wrong answer here. There's it's it's the the options are plenty nikita krylov. Why not. I think your house top ten guy But there aren't a lot of bad choices. I feel that works. You get thrown in there with anybody in the top fifteen. It's fine or you know. If something falls out he could slot him right in. But the mans a player now he should definitely get somebody in the top. Fifteen and Sending obviously positives to jamal hill. Who somehow break his arm. Dislocated it pop back into place. Which is absolutely unreal. So kudos to to paul craig. Kudos jamal hill and division. One division is a little weird right now Because those who said they're not they're not on booked and some of our are in like august and like september. There's nothing there's nothing coming up next month And move like like like second half of august. It was a bit of a weight before Any some of these other names. That craig might fight will be free and i don't know how long he wants to wait. So great. win. For craig. Gruesome win and Yeah now it's kind of a is an odd opposition as far as wanting to either take lower ranking guy took took it a quicker turnaround or to wait until maybe the end of the year to get because next now we had to the wild card round ak and this is going to be interesting. I'm very excited to hear what you have to say about this. We're going to select a fighter for those who are new to the program that we have not match made for yet and we will do a right now so ak before you go to the peeps in check the tapes and all that fun stuff. What are.

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