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Why we play this game. Now, you know once you get to January and February. That's why we show of in April. Bard try to build some special. Go ahead. You said you enjoy all Sean Jeffrey employing the crowd. I mean, listen Jeffrey won that battle because he's a Super Bowl champion after he left Chicago. But as I was watching this game, I thought a two things right? As from the Viking fan perspective that I try to tell boomer that T needs to understand was the Vikings lost by fifty to the bears in this game. And the bears screwed themselves by beating the Vikings on week seventeen. They've loved to get that Vikings offense up there yelling and screaming at each other. Because they'd probably be an individuals. And also there was this big debate at the end of last year with the eagles foles, and how this happened at who is the person who was most responsible out of these coaches right yet Peterson yet Frank Reich, and you had John de Filipa that everybody loved okay? Frank Reich ghost in. Playoffs. Starting one in five. All right now, they're going to go in play in the divisional round Doug Peterson once again with Nick foles is in the divisionals and John de Filipo gets hired as a Vikings offense Goerner gets fired before the season. Sorry about that. Dude. Man. You got the wrong guy. Anyway. But it does look like they're not gonna hire Hugh Jackson, which is a that's a good. Chargers ravens yesterday in Baltimore and Lamar Jackson a very slow start came to life in the fourth quarter. They had a chance down six with the ball. Second. Ten.

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