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So they're putting all this tech in there. And that tech is giving feedback on how you drive how you step on the breaks where you're looking what you're doing. So there's all kinds of repercussions as far as that Intel which companies can use and mind for money and who owns it. Do you own? Do you even get to know about? So we'll talk about that another headline that crack me up Prince Harry heads back to work. What exactly is that that he's back to three days after the baby is born? Boy, he's leaving her all alone with the baby and her and the four hundred people who do everything for them. So I guess he's gone to the Invictus Games. You know, he's going like this. I hate to leave. I really hate to leave. Oh, man. I'm so happy to be out of the yelling in the smell. So he's out there doing that. She meanwhile, is taking a second time off to I love that they're Muslim we're taking some time off from what I guess the other day royals. No, you're on vacation people walk by with a big sign that says you on vacation. So that you know, anyway. Harry even received a sweet gift for his bundle of join adorable one-seat with the Invictus Games logo on the front yet as hard work that they do they fly over their first class. He received presents from well-wishers, including a blue and white babies. Keep you ever noticed celebrities wealthy people famous people the people the last people who need stuff for free. Always get the crap for free and poor people who need to stuff for free. Getting it for free everywhere, you go celebrities are handed all every meet and greet. I've been with with Jason Alexander Brad paisley. There's always backstage people giving him boxes of stuff. Here's a guitar. My husband died he wanted you to have this. It's amazing. How great it is to be wealthy and famous man. I when you read those articles when people say, it's hard, and the adjustment is hard, and you give up a little bit of your privacy. Yeah. All right to stay in the house. If you don't if you want so bad and return all of the gifts. So the visit came three days after he walked from some with Megan Markle his travel schedule was a big clue because he took off. He didn't go to Amsterdam. So he took off and postpone the trip and she by the way, like I said is now. Resting comfortably is gonna take some time off amazing to me the other making story, and I had one of these in my neighborhood. Where they found a guy died, and they found a cache of guns in there. That was totally insane. If you haven't seen go go online and look at what they found in this phone. Be hills house, you know, two thousand guns looks like and tons of ammunition. And they said the guy's name is not been released to go through seven, but the the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms and explosives, and the LAPD searched the house and some other residences to it appears they were also many it was like a manufacturing going on. I thought I the other guy who died in my neighborhood. It was a collector and the girlfriend was a little bit. Not interview -able. Let's put it that way. Didn't make a whole lot of sense. But they said they've researched and searched a second home in the north monkey hill avenue, but the Bel Air mansion is described as a hoarders paradise court record show the property is owned by Cynthia back with daughters with J Paul Getty's. Son, Gordon, Getty back bought the property. In January two thousand one remains on clear if there's any connection she had to the events, but the stunning thing like I said is the amount of stuff that took out there in the believe that that there was unlawful transportation giving lending or sewing assault weapons and on and on and on. So there you go pretty strange in your own back. I wondering what's going on in houses? Like in your neighborhood. You know, somebody's got Lomb. You always read about some insane animal that somebody had in the basement in New York, you always find in like some boarding house, or whatever if somebody had like a twenty year old alligator he died in the alligators in the bathroom in the tub, and you go how did he live there all these years and not get eaten alive by the alligator? But there's exotic pets. There's noth- labs at all kinds of stuff going on your neighbor's house, and you always think everybody's just for you until until they're.

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