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It all stop by before or after the game or any time to other week for one of their daily specials may sean deely football embassy love free serb enough gasol arafat as going some huge one game parks avenue laical shoveling enroll from daily high school xiaomi it's not just the axis knows it's awesome about da's nationally respected on the field and in the classroom journey football sports network welcome back every one forty nine and nothing lead to hear silly 45 ago here in the first half as modest kick is going to be fielded on a hop at about the 7yard line red ox bring it straight north get out across the twenty two about the twenty one and we're starting to see a lot of new numbers out there jason now was charlie yuli again on a tackle as his third one o'clock at night and just to let you know the kicker was never 97 zinke there we go the freshman kicker and i'll tell you a apologies it right out of the chute we got his many of the new fox we could but on that kickoff team i saw a number fifty one on a number of fifty three in those are two we don't have fifty one trillion 53 is i have an elder good he's three if we at fifty four is charlie did not where i can tell you fifty one is is truly fifty one i'm sorry are going to go left side as rock string out the defense are going allow about three yards air but yes charlie italy's where a number fifty one in that's one of the empty numbers we've got so that simple enough good pursued a time from cain combinator forty one and going to game linebacker came through pretty much unscathed was a pressure matter the pocket call it second in six seneca from their own twenty six the sixty now we'll cave i saw him the j 10game i liked what he's done so far this year he's in the game on defense a front as well he's a software and he's a good get to have him in class he's just a he's an kid he was a carbon copy copies cody alter if you asked me he is how he does in the classroom to.

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