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Secret service agent character finds himself falsely accused in a foiled assassination plot against Freeman's president while on the run he seeks help from unexpected collaborators in an effort to clear his name Jana Pinkett Smith lance Reddick Tim Blake Nelson and Nick Nolte also star in this action sequel also out is the critically acclaimed black comedy thriller mashup ready or not shortly after their wedding a young woman joins her husband in his wealthy family in a time honored tradition game of hide and seek but it soon turns deadly is the family tries to hunt down the new bride and she fights for her own survival tomorrow leaving Adam Brody Marshall Brian Henry Czerny and Andie McDowell Star still in theaters are good boys Hobbes and shot the lion king the angry birds movie too and scary stories to tell in the dark plus forty seven meters down on cage door and the lost city of gold once upon a time in Hollywood blinded by the light and the art of racing in the rain and that's your weekend box office preview on I heart radio and now the I heart radio weekend sports time capsule what's going on fellow sports not to Dante west here to take you on a journey back to this week in sports history we'll start off in nineteen thirty nine the first televised Major League Baseball game is broadcast on what would become WNBC TV in New York announcer red barber called the game between the Cincinnati Reds and the Brooklyn Dodgers at Ebbets field in Brooklyn this week in nineteen sixty four the St Louis cardinals find themselves eleven games back in the National League and go on to win the World Series this week in nineteen seventy one body for signs a five year contract with the Boston Bruins worth one million dollars the first two million dollar contract in NHL history this week in nineteen eighty nine record setting baseball player Pete rose agrees to a lifetime ban from the sport following allegations of illegal gambling thereby preventing his induction to the baseball hall of fame and this week in two thousand eight Carli Lloyd scores in.

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