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The congress to adopt tough policies needed to verify employment. Authorization, what the commission is concerned about the unskilled workers in our society in an age in which unskilled workers have far too few opportunities open to them. When emigrants are less. Well, educated and less skilled. They may pose economic hardships, for the most vulnerable of Americans particularly those who are unemployed or underemployed, and the commission sees. No justification to the continued entry of unskilled foreign workers, unless the rationale for their admission. Otherwise serves a significant national interest, as does the admission of nuclear, family members and refugees. So you have this congresswoman who happens to be black suggesting that immigration laws are designed to help us. Designed to benefit us, do not designed for the benefit of illegal aliens. Now in the joint declaration that Trump entered into with the Mexican government quoted the State Department. They said this quote, those migrants crossing the US southern border to seek asylum will be rapidly returned to Mexico where they may await the adjudication of their asylum. Claims in response, Mexico will authorize the entrance of all those individuals for humanitarian reasons in compliance with its international obligations while they await the adjudication of their asylum. Claims Mexico will also offer jobs healthcare, at healthcare, and education, according to its principles. Both parties agree that in the event, the measure adopted do not have the second results, they will take further actions. And of quote. Trump. Apparently is successful if being successful in pressuring Mexico to declare itself, a safe third country. Apparently, that's got to go to the Mexican government. But that would give border officials the permanent legal authority to reject migrants who cross through Mexico. The deal means border agents would not have to release migrants into the country prior to their asylum hearings where they frequently just do not show up. According to Breitbart, the end of catch-and-release will likely we have it on the cartels labor trafficking business, which depends on migrant getting to the US to repay their smuggling. Debts, few poor people in Honduras, El Salvador Guatemala. We'll go into debt with cartels, or mortgage, their farm and home to the cartels, if they know they will be forced to remain in Mexico prior to their asylum hearings. Triple eight nine seven one. S A G. Hashtag winning. Larry elder, all true. All devastating. With that sarin news. I'm Keith Peters in Washington. The pilot was killed when his helicopter crashed into a New York City. Skyscraper has been identified. The real estate company that used the helicopter confirmed Monday that the pilot was Tim McCormack of Clinton corners, New York. American continental properties said, McCormack had flown for the company for the past five years. It said in a statement that our hearts are with his family, and friends, McCormack, was, formerly a volunteer. Fire chief for the East Clinton fire district. F A, A records said he'd been certified in two thousand four to fly helicopters and single engine airplanes. He was certified as a flight instructor last year. Thirty say the helicopter was being used for extensive travel. The helicopter was flying and rain and heavy clouds when it hit ASA equitable building in midtown Manhattan a Wall Street that out by seventy eight points. The nasdaq. There's a difference between doing yourself and do it for a living.

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