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Distribution stuff and you'll get a chance to come on the show goof around with us and if it sweetens the pot a little bit I, have a Lego Blue Jay hat kind of thing I'll send out to the winter. It's been open, but every piece is there I promise. I had nowhere to put it. All right couldn't move the bills helmet. Off in two weeks. Stack. Shelf space. I need to make more shells. But yeah. I think this is a great opportunity for fans to get involved and to express their their love for not just the Blue Jays. But if you love this podcast, you can participate it'd be it'd be an honor to have your artwork be our main podcast logo Craig came up with this idea. All credit goes to you I think it's a great one and any way that we can incorporate our fans. And fans of the Blue Jays would be. Absolutely welcome and I hope that we get some some awesome submissions. I'm sure we will. Get creative guys. It's cool with us. Whatever you want to do but my only thing I would suggest is don't use any official logo. Don't use the official Blue Jay logo we will get flagged and we won't be able to use that on aggie podcasts. Yours they just won't accept it because well, it's copy written so fun loving thing that. Share, our Cheeky Shenanigans ballroom type chat here you'll probably have some extra points. Yeah? Yeah. Jay's eighteen year. Officially on task, we would love to see it and we'll share the love as they come in on the next few weeks. We're not really putting a deadline on this whole thing. So let's just keep them coming. Why don't we? Why don't we need to show my horrible one I I I loved the drawing was was creative but why don't Just. Got Suggesting. You can say, no, why don't we give it to the end of the season? I, think that's like. Now that could include. If we keep going right into the regular season. Yeah in time for the playoff? Yes. Yes. I will debut the new. Days Playoffs by perfect. I love it to it. All right. Just two seconds because I'm going to be this guy as I pull up the old one here. Oh, you're GONNA put it on the screen. Just because it's going to be fun. So. Twitter world. If you have not Sierra reach tweeted out the other day I'm just going to drag it out onto the screen here. So everybody can see it. On twitter, this was the original Jaybird watching. Logo and it was because this is actually insulted as A. Game cast we were not going to do weekly podcast. We were GONNA, pick a couple of games every month, and actually do a replaced Buck and Pat Tower. Principle, where this originally spun off where have you did not have the story. And there you go..

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