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You'll be accommodated by train four 15, leaving at 7 this morning. Pen line train 5 O 5, reporting a 25 minute delay. Jack Taylor WTO P traffic. And Lauren ricketts with our forecast this morning, Lauren, it just looks sticky outside this morning. It does the sun just came up just about 20 minutes ago. And yes, looking a little muggy, definitely feeling muggy. Maybe not quite as muggy as yesterday, but it's still on the high levels. Temperatures rolling into the low 90s once again today. Once again, we'll have some China I know we have some morning clouds, but more sunshine is the day wears on. It could be even a few little sprinkles south and west in D.C. this morning. If you're near Frederick's vertical culpepper, otherwise we stay dry today and he storm chances stay through central Virginia. Tomorrow we're dry, hot and humid, low to mid 90s tomorrow. Feeling closer to a 100°, plenty of sun. Thursday, partly cloudy, mid to upper 90s on Thursday. And again, incredibly muggy with that heat index in the triple digits. We do have about a 40% chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms on Thursday, some of those could be strong. We're really watching that forecast, because some of those may just stay south of us. So right now, confidence is not high on the precip forecast for Thursday, but we do know it's going to be hot again, midday 90s. We stay in the mid to upper 90s. We get into your Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, rain chances return early next week. Temperatures out there down 78 in Washington upper Marlboro at 76 Frederick 73 Ashburn 72. And at 74 outside our studios this morning brought to you by new lacombe design. Right now, save 50% on all roofing materials. Still to come on WTO. The ghost fleet of the Potomac has made it onto a new U.S. stamp by Valerie bong. It's 6 21. Today's innovation and government report highlights the government's IT, modernization opportunities,

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