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Had done it to J. J. thought he was safe. She should not have even thought was safe. And this is someone who two weeks prior or three weeks prior is telling other individuals Jeremy and Tyson. We don't have any friends in this game like we are on the bottom. They want us how we do not have any friends and she was not in a situation where she knew. She's got this core alliance people she can rely on in. That moment emigrated and I understand you. She thought she was GONNA fall. Okay if you think you're fall to stand there until you fall and that's that's that's kind of the approach that I would have taken that approach I did take. I don't know I just feel like it's one of those things that you would rather not regret that decision and I think that that was kind of what she'll be struggling with. Is that jeeze? If maybe if I had stayed up there maybe I would have one and then I would. I wouldn't be. We would tighten her right now because she wouldn't have sat down so it is. It's it's just not worth it gets and it's not worth having to relive that moment it because it's it's a different part of the game. Decisions are not yet carbon stone. People have not necessarily made a decision about who they are because obviously they wanted to Tony. Tony now has immunity. So things have to shift and change so immunity directly affects. Who's GonNa end up going home for sure? And also it takes a lot of her power away because two reasons if you wear the immunity necklace if people have more of a willingness and desire to WanNa talk to you about the vote his. I know you can't be voted out. So you have a little more power and control as to where the vote is going to end up but then also as you mentioned it gives people this idea in their head that will. They think that they're comfortable. They're appearing comfortable. Maybe they don't realize this. They shouldn't feel as comfortable as they do. And so it it makes people look at you. I think in a different light. It frustrates people that you're choosing to eat as opposed to struggling through immune challenge. So it's just there's a whole lot of factors there can negatively affect your game instead of positivity helping move forward. Yeah now now as final piece of flashback I looked at the recap I had written for the episode when Jay was voted out which was one of the last articles we posted on Reality News online before I had to shut down nine years ago In the article I mentioned that after the challenge. Jay talked to Kim who assured him that he had nothing crazy to worry about. Kim should certainly of known that this season she had everything crazy to worry about all the time. Well they all did and that's what I found it fascinating that they kind of went domino's especially nick knowing that he was the only thing between the immunity necklace. Tween Tony Getting it. And or Nick. Getting and the fact that nick and again if he thought he was going to fall but he was also negotiating for. Tokens to calm down. You know so so I do think that something right there. You know that there wasn't a realization. That was really down to those two. And that was a a nick would have stopped. Tony winning immunity and again. Maybe we'd be much different discussion. But so many facets of immunity challenge and who wins it and how the vote will end up being directed because of who wins that throwing it away for chocolate and peanut butter. I just don't think it's it's everywhere. If ever weren't the risk for whoever it is now all right we can move onto appendix which is about the rest of the tribe keeping their end goals in mind when voting and of course we talked about the players putting out the weak and the strong than the weak and the strong as I've been saying there are very many players who could be seen as weaker though Tony has of course split them up his mind. You know. In that way. Lions Hyenas bottom feeders whenever he wants to So but I do feel like the strong have still continued to be targets. Jeremy Tony Kim. All of them fit the bill but with Tony Immune. Either of the other two were people who need to go Tony. Sarah and Jeremy Certainly did the right thing to go after Kim but everybody else was going to go after Jeremy so the question is did ben make the right decision. Especially since Ben Flipping was what caused dicta flip from what we discussed at the top? The podcast I'm going to say probably because he stays on Tony's good side while still having the opportunity to turn on Tony when the time is right in the nick ends up in that similar position. Tony knows he still wants Jeremy out so I think he probably made the right move rather than turning on Jeremy and I mean what does he have at that point Ben. He's an outlier in that other group and he doesn't have Tony and Sarah Anymore. Well and that's that is true but I also feel like this is a vote and I mentioned before that really only benefits Tony. Because she's putting Tony's name out there who are so. Tony does want her to stay around. Because she's targeting him and I it's one of those situations where if that person Benzon being targeted Benz not hymns not targeting. Ben Jeremy and Ben have this weird thing but Jeremy clearly wants to work with Ben and I just. It's just seems like an odd mix when you were down to now. Now you've got seven. People left at eight at the time. You have three people and maybe even four. Kim was part of that group with the niece and Nick and Michelle who were talking about final four three so you have a a group of players who are little more aghast. Even as as far as they're thinking about them as coming into the game I guess I should say it that way that they they seem to be a little more on an even playing field coming into the game. I'm not necessarily talking about how they've played this season. But so they're looking at it. Who Do we want to sit next to at the end nick was talking about this and the people that he doesn't. WanNa sit next to at the end or Jeremy. Tony and Sarah and those are the three people that you've said allowed you do not want to be sitting at the end with so then you end up going after Kim because it's going to benefit Tony and so that's where I think. There's a real big disconnect because you there's only so much time left in this game there's only so many more moves where you can actually get out the Jeremy Coney or Sarah and you're running out of time to do it so it's to me. I feel like it was a missed opportunity because really who cares about Tony at this point me. Yes I love Tony. I think he's phenomenal. But if you are playing a game against Tony you have to be looking at. How much time do I have left? How many opportunities to do things? Do I really care at this point. If I have Tony in my back pocket or not or do I really need to take out threats and I think this is a time you really have to say. I just need to take out threats and say to Tony Tony. Sorry but he had to go and that's just the way it is because looking at. Who's leftover here not as threatening as WHO's leftover here and now Benson a situation where Jeremy and Sarah are still there so I just don't think it's his benefit. Yeah I mean I still think Kim was a big threat to. Nobody would want to sit next to Kim at the end either. Well I don't count that sound that and do you think that there's a different. It's different playing field for sure. It is but Kim also has niece Michelle. You know that.

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