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I mean, this this episode is a kind of exactly what I thought this show was. Yeah. Yup. I'm a little disappointed. But maybe that is not this every episode is basically just, you know, a bodice novel in a TV show every week. A lot of it. It's pretty much is a learning. It's closer than you'd think. There's no denying that everybody who needs to be sexy on the show is very sexy. Even back full of scars somehow sexy on this show. So well done. Slander. Weird moment with having sex with his mom's Pearl necklace on. Clair's it too many necklace. Toothpaste back in the tube. As it were. Yeah. But yeah, the sexual education of Jamie, the episode, you know, as well done, and as you were saying, you know. Sex and seduction from a female point of view, is is rare. So it was interesting to see a specially in. It's something set in this time period, which obviously makes it even more of a liar. I did enjoy it. Didn't really understand what was going on with evil. Thomas Dougal MacKenzie. No, the English guy in this one blackjack. Yeah. But I don't think I really needed to for this episode. But I also really enjoyed Ben Franklin's turn in this. As the guy goes, though, whorehouse and picks up. That was very amusing. Thought that scene was very cute. But yeah, it was a well put to get. Well, put together episode and. I get the say that not my saying, but I totally get it guys. Yes, sir. I mean, I guess I get it. Let's back up here to the fact that I have contractors in the house right now and have had for week or so and so there's like hammering going on at various times. So I have volume turned up in my office watching this. You could probably fake out where this is going. That's all drilling stops boning has stopped man. I've called downstairs to I don't know. Look at a like literally to look at a coupling for a sink and of like, okay. Little on the nose day. This. I mean, I just have no context for this. I've never seen an episode of ood land Dr before and if there's this much butts, I guess, I'm not gonna Jack to watching another one. But this is like. I don't know like the, you know. It's a period piece, but in a period that smelt like dirty hair. Plus, it's bodice ripper. And both of those things are not for me. So this presentation was delightful. I think that this show for people who who watch it regularly is delightful. I like, I get it. But at the same time, I don't get it. If that makes any sense, so yeah. But if we were voting butts into the canon, absolutely. Oh, can I say something about the bodice cleavage is so off pudding guys historically accurate? I know it is. But I'm just saying like like all right, actually, flips the script on your breasts and dangerous liaisons out just looking at it. As like, I can't no. Yeah. But actually like literally flips your breasts, and they're actually going up the other way, look, so painful and terrible. And basically it just like, well, I guess I'm done with press. Sorry breast. Right. With that. I think we started with Katherine Katherine. What say you can't see? Yes. Yes. Tariana me too. Yeah. I think so too. I'm a friend of I'm a friend of ladies, I want you guys to have this. And I enjoyed it. You know, like, you know, it was was sexy. Sarah was say you I'm going to say, no, but congratulations have gun butts. Yeah. Yeah..

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