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Absolutely they've experienced a number of losses In the last year I pulled losses that basically indicated gated that broad spectrum again that the single pilots are not adhering to the same safety disciplines in many cases that The professional crew or single pilot crew is adhering to and bids causing a lot of problems. What is doing is those guys who are single? Oh pilots non-professional although they might be a CEO or president of the company owner flown imply to ATP standard. They're being pinball is because of the negligence of others. It's not a win win for anyone and I had some ideas on how we might change that one of the articles that Arroyo was back in a fifteen and it starts out on a ten hour flight back with Lanta over the top of the list. I was thinking about where we headed it. Most likely where we'll head and says given the events of the last six months airline travel has had an eerie air to it. So what happened was we had airline airline losses that set us up with the Malaysian triple seven with a disappearance and the The Indian Ocean and then we have a number of other. Ge Accidents and I'll be glad and Shirley article with you. It's just that there have been influences. Both air carrier and Ge but GE has had a worse record unfortunately then the airlines the airlines have had a pretty doggone. Good record up until the Boeing backs so many influences or pausing reading for the underwriters and with the exit of a number of underwriters. Who Take certain pieces and parts of brisk? They're not there anymore is there. There were three things that stand out among the single pilot losses. Is there a common thread aside from them being all by themselves. Is there a common uh-huh and thread to the type of accidents are having that you'll recall the policy stand down. I was pulled ten losses. We're just off the top of my head. I started out with a premier jet taking off at Fulton County airport in Atlanta that I flew out of as a young guy in school implying. Played Out of Also there a single pilots departure out on that same runway a year and a half or two years later against single pilots. They crashed within a mile of the airport. There was another other citation S P lost the Atlanta for the older gentleman. An aircraft had no idea what he was doing with airplane according to the C. Vr. I think the common thread on these one of was incapacitation. One was an experience Probably in my opinion they not have been the right thing for him to be in the cockpit as a pilot period. It obtained his single pilot.

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