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Interesting is that will often here with an nfl player who's involved in a similar incident right there was no no charges filed snow arrest in the case of for example ginny rice she shouldn't cheat in franchises narayan when he laid out an and so when the next situation comes up in the nfl and it will there there may not be charges there may not be arrest but like in the ezekiel elliott case there may be but there are a panel bar penalties and i think everybody is now operating when it comes to domestic violence and domestic assault operating with an abundance of caution and if you've got multiple witnesses this isn't a he said he said this was filed by the men's tennis coach and two male students side and then report all that stuff she said to him and i would i would they make and i would assume all these people will wind up in a courtroom zoe cats map or my stirred these witnesses the tennis coach if they do proceed on this case will all wind up in a courtroom determining what really did happen and a judge will have to make that determination sounds like cats and bore my sir are the two that are pushing this they're the ones that are driving a it's it's it's their attorney that's that's pushing it all right we're in a light and things up fast track next i yes fasttrack is coming up next all right.

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