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Goto Lifelock dot com Use promo code Risk Sale ends July 20th. Good morning. It's Tuesday's lots of sunshine, a high of 95 a low tonight of 70 upper nineties on a Wednesday chance of rain late week. On your side That would be heresy. First of our chief meteorologist J P Dies NewsRadio 1055 W E. R. C right now. It's 80 degrees at Birmingham's News, Traffic and Weather Station News Radio, 1055 You're killing an innocent man. I'm Dave Anthony Fox News. Those were Daniel Lewis Lee's last words two hours ago before he became the first federal prisoner executed in 17 years. Fox's Jeff Man also was on the case Live Dave just before he died from lethal injection at a prison in Terra Haute, Indiana, 47 year old Daniel Lee blamed a judge in Arkansas for ignoring evidence in his conviction. In the 1996 murders of a mother father and an eight year old girl. Supreme Court decision overnight cleared the way for Lee and two other execution's set this week and what Attorney General William Barr calls a duty to bring a sense of closure for victims, Dave See if they got a suspected cop killer in Washington State found him hiding on a rooftop the morning after a traffic stop turned deadly in both awful as other officers arrived to assist. Unfortunately, they found that one officer was deceased, and another was seriously injured Sarin snow with the Snohomish County response team. The Corona virus surgeon. Much of America has California closing bars again, and restaurants, museums and theaters and zoos. The Army is now overseeing the military's Corona virus response in California and Texas. The first troops arriving in Houston, where the mayor is proposing a two week complete lock down there in Florida, the state seeing nearly 13,000 new infections Monday following a record breaking 15,000 cases Sunday. It's Fox's Jackie Baniyas, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, a Republican..

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