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Marshon race so te'o wants to play in the NFL but the CF l. is his. Next best option. According to his agent TO's forty four Is has his right it's CFO has this weird system Canadian Football League has this weird system. Joe Gilio where the team has your rights and. Then they have to offer a contractor release him from their, exclusively goes lists within. Ten days so he is an agent, up there in Canada it's his own one hundred percent. Wants to play football again at the pro level he wants? To play in the NFL but if he can't the CFL's the next best option so. Te'o in in the NFL what is your thoughts on. So, he'd be what he's an eskimo right now in Edmonton eskimo they own is. Rights they own is rights and Edmonton s, until July twenty fourth two weather offer him a contract or they just relinquish the rights But the thing about it is it's they can? Even just all from the the least amount possible and then they retain the right so. It should be on brand for Teo we'll see NFL. He's, he's just he's a weird guy, he's talking about playing the leaks Same thing would have to. Assume even if he was making Eastone the LA kings Bruce McNall I think his name was he owned the Toronto Argonauts and he took rocket Ishmail and who's trying to take NFL players and pay him to go the CFL now it didn't. Work and all the players ended up, leaving and coming back but if you pay? Te'o I mean would it be worth. Five, hundred. Thousand dollars he he, could probably, use that money sure sure he could say. He's he's broke but it's publicity. For the Edmonton, eskimos bills. He's putting videos up last month he's running four. Five forty he clearly still is in shape to play some he wants to sort of something Thank playing the NFL he's been playing the. Fell since two thousand ten. It's been eight years Jerry Rice of both crazy that they didn't they could still play he had seventy two catches in fourteen. Games, seventy two catch I'll tell you this I think you're wrong I think he can still play like what, level though what. What are. We talking about it better better than. Better than half of the guys that you'd be playing in the league. He's still te'o please forty five dude if there's anybody that can do it it's it's Terrell like Ricky Henderson Ricky. Henderson who's playing this late forties Julio Franco there are those guys that just they don't wanna do it I'd love to see it I would love to see if you put te'o on a summer night on in the NFL has now's. To watch pop it honestly what he, would watch that over the XFL actually widely? Watched judge Mathis over the XFL let's. Face, it. But I would I, would I, would love the CTO playing again it's a. Great idea and real quick one. Of the wide, receiver note. So the Rams traded a first on traffic to. Get Brandin cooks from the patriots They signed him to a five year contract extension the team announced earlier today maybe like an hour ago deals worth. Eighty, million dollars according to Adam Schefter I love when they say it's worth eighty million dollars you have no, idea how much. This deal's. Really worth five years eighty million on. Paper what's the signing bonus what's the cap in whatever year it's never. Five year eighty million dollar contract what they've paying they're paying everyone except Aaron Donald Think about that out, there Best players ever, paid yet I'll tell you I thought that they had the makings for a. Really special team out there they were very good team last year and they have tried to bring in everybody high priced veterans guys that are questionable in the locker room that, Saint cooks is that guy but you think you can go out and just a bunch of different guys and throw. Him, in the locker room I I'm already on record is saying they don't. Make the playoffs this year the Rams of the team that takes a step back is great. As they were last year I think..

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