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F D I C Over 19 isn't the only medical threats spreading this year. That's coming up after a traffic jack with Tracy Taylor Miley, We're watching the travel times right now sitting at 52 minutes from Tacoma to Olympia and Olympia to Tacoma at 35 minutes, a lot of heavy traffic heading south found this afternoon. Not only from high rate 18 and heading out towards the Puyallup River Bridge, but again leaving 5 12 most of the way to joint base. Lewis McCord and the weather is not working in our favor for this one. We're definitely on the slower side of things. South End of the Valley Freeway, leaving Ellingson before 10 and 5 12 where 5 12 crowds. Just a smidge as we get closer to the fairgrounds. Drivers are heading north right now are experiencing some delays outside ashore like we had some really great shoes. They're one 75th those of clear We're still looking at some heavier traffic around highway to I found four or five still touching the brakes, a shy of the rather the bottle over highway heading out to the older would interchange. We're still locked up out of Bellevue in south and four or five Valley Freeway looks pretty good. Just a slight hesitation is you Leave Valley Medical Center traffic brought to you by whole foods market prime members. Here's a last minute deal through November. 26 stop by Whole Foods Market for a whole turkey raised with no antibiotics ever won 90 £90 organic it to £99. While supplies last Cairo Radio Real time traffic and Tracy Taylor now from the Cairo Radio New Center at my Northwest, calm a new tic tac challenges encouraging teens to get high on Benadryl. Dr. Erika Lee, Belt director of the Washington Poison Center, says this could be a result of the pandemic. It may be.

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