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Presents viewpoint with bukhari sellers don lemon krikorian phil prodi thanks brotherly and thank you for the honor to really groans man embarrassed proud i look us to use now as thank you brother listen i'm going to start with our president who was targetted un is attacks against cnn you've been in business now for almost thirty years what's it like covering an administration that is fundamentally dishonest well when people fate is we've never did anything like it we've never seen anything like it this is unprecedented and to tell you the truth to caught in hock vic draining a make sure that i get ready to deal with it every single day i think people really are confused about what the truth is now though it is bukhari selim's viewpoint subscribe and apple podcast glue play on the westwood one podcast network ooh failure is not behind it's an opportunity to learn and alexander lee with the business rockstars minute failure is an opportunity to learn when we can use our personal sense themselves self value would success we are restricting our melanie to learn because our ego becomes another factor innocently our ego tells us he succeeded because we're so smart and so brains or that we failed because we are a loser and can't win at anything because failure is so painful attends to get a more personal loved then success however it's the entrepreneur as optimistic attitude that can also get in the way and south evaluation and looking at a contributing and failing earn strive to find flaws in your ideas are and eliminating you are only june two repeatedly failed and each is not to learn from your past stay announce were only and this has been a business rockstars minute if you've fallen.

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