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Wisconsin Supreme Court rejected the stay at home extension by the governor there Tony Evers a Democrat forty three close ruling the state Supreme Court in Wisconsin agreed with Republicans that the prohibition on most travel and not essential business operations for twelve more days exceeds the governor's constitutional authority over says quote things are going to look a little different drivers and riders will be required to wear face coverings and I have to submit to a selfie with a mask before drivers can begin a ride people who don't do this we'll be kicked off the app passengers will be encouraged to not sit in the front seat and U. S. open the window for ventilation if the weather allows electors considering similar precautions New York city's in a close down the field hospital at the Billie Jean King tennis center according to New York one in five weeks untreated just seventy nine patients the site will now be returned to the U. S. tennis association get a sports update now good morning Brad help good morning Wayne Major League Baseball is using the K. B. O. in South Korea as the model for creating its health and safety protocols hi fives and spitting aren't forbidden but they are discouraged coaches and umpires all wear masks on the field everyone goes through a fever scanner before the end to the ballpark the KBO season started last week games are being played without fans and I spoke to KBO insider Daniel Kim who grew up in flushing and now lives in Seoul initially yours do you need some time to get adjusted it will tell me that yeah because sure the broadcasters calling the game for all stairs and you you're all kinds of stuff that you you know nobody here but in recent days you know they're they're used to it I think they're just happy that they're actually playing games and Daniel can work for the Mets for eight years and now covers and they'll be in the KBO from South Korea our full conversation center website WCBS eight eighty dot com the one positive cove a test in the KBO shuts down the season for three weeks we don't know what the procedure will be at Major League Baseball there's a positive tester how often players will be tested the health and safety protocols which MLB still has to present to the union well said to be more than eighty pages and Florida governor Ron DeSantis said he welcome all pro sports to his state the NBA and Major League Soccer reportedly considered Orlando as.

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