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B. m. english speaking radio channel presents b. m. english word of the day. My name is brought to deal and <music>. I'm your host for this episode. You are listening to episode number one hundred and fifty seven of season three. Today's word is inclined it. Would you like to know what it means. It means villain to do something have a tendency to do something to slope at an anger or do not the head or bend the body with b. M. english speaking radio channel learn one new word every every day and impress the world in english. What gab larry lessened you will learn how to use the word inclined reassure that this is a lesson will help you to enhance your english walkability and speak english fluently and confidently incline is spelt as i n c. I n e the word incline means to be agreeable to do something or a slope or movement of the head or bending ending the body for example uh she always inclined towards joining politics from a young age i al always he's had difficulty to drive a car on the incline. Listen carefully how we can use the word incline in it different situations in eight different sentences example number one of eight. The factory management is is not inclined to hire more workers on company payroll instead. It prefers to give the work to an external contractor contractor moving onto example number two of eight. There has been a significant rise in people changing residents. Frequently frequently people are inclined to take fun on drained instead of chasing it example example number three of it. The witness in a court had just recovered from a grave illness. She spoke very softly and the judge god had to incline forward to be able to hear her. Let us understand example number. Four of eight mature was training training under his father who was an eminent sitar player however soon it was clear that moore was more inclined into words singing therefore he was enrolled in an academy for singing. Imagine you can also download the transcript of this episode and all our podcast from the site visit w._w._w. Dot the consultants india dot com to download transcripts of all the episodes example number five of it. Thomas dropped out of the college because he was unable to follow the classroom. Learning he was always more inclined to what's becoming an entrepreneur and he started his own website for doorstep austin delivery of consumer products while isn't it inspiring moving onto example number six eight the soviet by the monetary monetary committee of the government concluded that certain sections of the society. I'm more inclined to engage in cash transactions therefore it also suggested a framework to inculcate the culture of digital payments is in this relevant now lettuce. It is understand example number seven eight the management arranged a visit of korean businessmen to their research and development center when they were introduced reduced to him he greeted everyone with an incline off his head and requested the interpreter to facilitate a conversation with the stuff example number eight of it up bernez mada observed that she had an inclination to avoid physically kelly challenging tasks to overcome this problem how mother and ruled upper now for a short course inner farah military training school which trained how to engage in rigorous physical activities the word incline which means willing to do something have a tendency to do something to slow bat an angle or to nod their head or bent the body you can you frame three sentences with inclined and type in the comments boxx awaiting via shaw. This lesson has helped to boost your english vocabulary and speak fluent english. You can download the script of this episode and on results from w._w._w. Dot b. english speaking radio dot in stay tuned for new english. Rockabilly lessons are on a mission to train von indians against an english fluency. This was episode number one hundred and fifty seven off two hundred being vocabulary episodes that we have planned kindly. He knows that grievously applauding one cabinet episode daily at six a._m. Indian standard time to meet you tomorrow. At six o'clock with the new would god til den take care.

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