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With, Peter Strauss About how strategic was going to. Keep Trump from becoming president Strasbourg the man who. Was highly involved in the Clinton Email investigation which they didn't, seem to be. Pursuing within these zeal and was involved. In the Trump Russia collusion investigation which, they seem determined even if they couldn't make a case to present one to the public. Too To insert some doubt well apparently the mistress is now singing and according. To congressman Louie Gohmert, she was much more. Forthcoming than her lover Mr Peter Strasbourg the. Cock of the walk and much much more cooperative Gohmert told Fox. News that, he believed that page was able to fill in some gaps as to who in the FBI was, involved with what and who are what else. Needs to be investigated she, was apparently again it. Was closed door. She was apparently so eager to answer that she often did so before. The, FBI lawyer could mute her response of course the FBI lawyer doesn't want her telling what happened because his interest is in protecting Komi and strategic and that crowd Gohmert, congressman Gohmert added quote she's a more contrite person but make no mistake she's a democrat she wanted Hillary. To win and she did, not want Trump to. Win and that's, been obvious Congressman. Gohmert also indicated that former CIA director John Brennan and former director. Of national intelligence, James Clapper could be involved and could soon be under investigation themselves Gohmert said quote when, I hear Brennan or, Clapper, either saying the kinds of things they've. Been saying recently then it tells me, wow we must, be getting close to them those guilty dogs. Are barking pretty loud That, source to the Washington Examiner since we're. On the subject of Clapper and Brennan Let's go. To, clip number. Twenty three former CIA director John Brennan accusing, the president of treason wow go ahead we just read what you said on Twitter your reaction to what you've just seen Brian I thought that. There was nothing that Donald Trump could say that would shock me, but I, was wrong I was just totally. Shocked at the performance of Donald Trump in Helsinki at a press conference. With Putin I just found that it was outrageous and, even when, the present thank goodness the. Press, asked the. Right questions even the press gave him an, opportunity to hold Russia accountable for anything Chose to talk about Hillary. Clinton about his election about service he criticized American citizens Clinton and others As opposed to really taking advantage of a world stage with all the world is upon them to point out, how unacceptable Russia's behavior and interference. At our lection ending elections of other countries around the globe is but he just. Shirked those responsibilities I just I cannot understand how the necessary team can. Continue to abide by this and how Peyot and Bolton and Kelly can't continue their jobs This I think rises to the point of a good American patriots. Resigning in objection, to that performance by Donald Trump I get words I'm at a loss of words. To describe just how outrageous is words his statements his behavior has been and one can only conclude that he fears Vladimir Putin and that one on one discussion. Who knows what was discussed there and Mr, Putin now is the master puppeteer of Donald Trump. The person who is in our Oval Office outrageous I just saw a picture of Huntsman and palm peyot, while the president was speaking looking a bit stricken but to, your point about patriots to your point about resignations what do you think the practical, impact just say by the end, of business today tomorrow will be I don't know and that's why I said to my. Tweet Republican patriots, all over the country including in the congress where are you when are you going. To speak out and roundly condemn what the company's doing and all of those good Americans who voted for Mr. Trump believing that he was going to protect this. Country I think you have now his demonstrated, unwillingness maybe inability to protect this country's interest I. Think this is the time for all Americans to rally and to say Mr. Trump you are not doing, what is necessary in order to keep this country strong and, safe and Mr Putin must be now with his team just rejoicing in what has, happened in Helsinki You know To think that that man once held the, reins of Deep state dark state power in this country as partisan hack as he is A story out of, Conroe that will flow I don't even wanna tell, you coming up The Michael berry show your..

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