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I'm richard cantu for now embattled environmental protection agency chief scott pruitt and joys the confidence of president trump pruitt facing ethical questions about his travel expenses agency pay raises and paying fifty bucks a night to live in washington dc condominium owned by the wife of an energy industry lobbyist a senior white house official says there is growing frustration with the embattled epa had the white house thinks this was a mistake should you take responsibility fixing fixing do you take responsibility on fixing the problem pruitt defending himself in a contentious one on one with fox news even though one official says the white house told him not to do the interview abc's mary bruce returning to washington from west virginia president trump told reporters he didn't know about the one hundred thirty thousand dollars hush money paid adult entertainer stormy daniels days before the twenty sixteen election this was a huge development in this story it was a turning point i'll say for the first time president trump has acknowledged destroy me daniel situation now did he say anything incriminating no he said that he didn't know about the payment for questions to his lawyer michael cohen who has admitted he did pay one hundred thirty thousand dollars to stormy daniels in what they've described as a hush agreement abc's tom yomas mr trump instructed the us trade representative consider slapping one hundred billion dollars in additional tariffs on chinese imports he calls it unfair for china's proposed tariffs on fifty billion dollars worth of us imports after the us proposed tariffs on a like amount of chinese steel and aluminum imports is a dui case against the driver of a charter busted overturned on its way to the masters golf tournament injuring fifteen passengers sixty one year old stephen hop and brower was arrested along the highway and charged with driving under the influence traffic on i twenty was backed up for miles nearly every one of those passengers travelling from the atlanta suburbs had to be rushed to the closest hospitals abc's steve olson saami you're listening to abc news have you ever thought about saying goodbye to your job just walking into your boss and saying hi quit and how would you like to commute to work without ever leaving your home will not long ago thirty nine year old entrepreneur from billionaire family spent twenty million dollars in three years to find the.

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