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Just wanted to a state of not survey shen i've been noticing a lot of these different attacks that have been coming from the or the liberal side of things and stuff and what i've come to conclude is that it's basically an attack on anything that has to do with masculinity whether it comes to guns or hunting or gender you know it seems like if it's not skill in it's wrong you know so you know you could even include that with this story that i was reading earlier about this guy hager gherman who is living out by himself on a pig farm and making sculptors sculptures and refusing to be involved with the news because there's a quote that i love a lot and it's from oliver wendell holmes the supreme court justice who said that as life as action and passion a man who is not involved with the action and passion of his time runs the risk of being judged not to lived in other words there is something manly about being engaged with the world and i think what you're saying is is has a great deal of substance to it there's something particularly unmanly about moving to a farm close to your mom she would she is his mother and his sister are the only people he talks to regularly apparently and and of course the pigs on the farm a david jude one finish that thought well i i would definitely have to agree with you on that you know being a a folk grown man and having no real outside contact i mean as a man in general i know our drivers to procreate sal you know good luck with that i could say yeah and again i would imagine that there are there are a lot.

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