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Point five how myself out of Beirut once I think I can get out of New Jersey. You don't be so sure others have tried and failed the entire population. Long was facing New Jersey. Paul. New jersey. I'm going back to jersey start up a business, again, don't even tell me met her down shore and was planning a class field trip to a French bread factory. Trump said was used to Menlo Park mall is walking dancing. Hello, New Jersey, please filled out what that's a lovely accent. You have New Jersey live from New Jersey. Skiing. Good afternoon. I would say New Jersey chime time, but I forgot to play the chime time, which I don't know that I've ever gotten in my life. It's Michael exclaiming. Anyway. Get on radio. Oh, yeah. I'm a I'm Bill Doyle, I'm big Doyle. And there is no Jeff Kaminsky today because he went to a funeral if you're listening yesterday. You know, why he's not here. You wanted to go to funeral and he couldn't go tomorrow because it's his second birthday party. So he's.

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