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News, nine o'clock. Is. You and your best besties with that guy. Coming up on the program. Mr Richard Roper is here is going to tell us who the hell is Roma. And why did she get all of these Oscar nomination I need to see it? How crazy is this movie? Nobody ever heard of is sweeping the Oscars, absolutely. I gotta go. See it also the favourite if you it's spelled the British way bore and Black Panther and pretty good. Okay. You know, for me a star is born is the most important film ever made. And it was no k David a star is born and the Askar nominations. We'll talk about all that with Richard. Not a great day. The Bradley Cooper got snubbed. Yeah. He's getting snubbed a lot in this. And I thought he I mean, you just saw it just loved it. Yeah. I mean me. Yeah. It's great. There's a lot of ugly crying in. It is. Emily blunt got. Blunted by the the that was bad because she's you know, she's Mary Poppins in everybody wins from Harry Poppins. It's a law. If you play Mary Poppins, you have to win an Oscar the Black Panther a superhero movie getting nominated causing quite star deal. That's coming your way. We'll talk about all of that. But I Kim Gordon's in the WGN newsroom, and she tells you what's going on right now.

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