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In by all means the buckeyes now a well three and a half to four point favorite depending on where you look for Saturday nights trip to Happy Valley kickoff from beaver stadium is at seven thirty on ABC six pretty happy about the fact that I'll be watching this from the comfort of my of my own home. And that's all I can actually. Well. Yeah. Yeah. I better. Not. I can't do it. I'm not gonna do it. Anyway. So yeah, that's good. And then Tiger Woods. We were going to be talking to Mr. Gulf Ray Husted here in about an hour from now, and we'll get the rundown on. I I gotta say he is incredibly knowledgeable about the game of golf and has a lot of very educated opinions about things he did not think Tiger Woods was going to win again during this stint of Tiger Woods is career. So we will have a conversation about that coming up. My Steelers are on Monday night football tonight, pretty happy about that. Although it is a dumpster fire in their locker room right now and going to Tampa Bay and playing the buccaneers. I'm not sure how that's going to play out. Probably not. Well, I'm just going to say probably not well and in about a half an hour from now, we'll talk to Brent so blessed with the Bleacher report, and he'll have some insight on that lay beyond bell looks like he's probably gonna end up leaving. I doubt he's going to stretch a Steeler jersey over his shoulder pads at any point from here on out. I think I think that's going to happen. Although I'm not happy about it. Do you do you use online reviews to guide your thought process when you choose products? I am definitely a reader. I read the online reviews and this article actually dropped about trip, and there may be a bunch of fake reviews on there, they're saying, and I pride myself on when I read these reviews, I think about how I can actually I feel like when I'm reading them I can kind of spot or pick out fakes. And I think you know, based on how they word things are I I don't know something usually seems amiss and I go, okay. I think that was a work that wasn't actually real. I don't know that. But now they're saying that a lot of them are actually fakes, and I've actually taken stuff off of, you know, taking it out of my car like on Amazon or whatever I'll be buying like different cables or something for my deejay business or I'll just beyond their buying something. And i'll. Have it in my cart already? And then I'll start reading about it. And someone's like, you know, do not get this. This is a total rip off. This is those kinds of things affect me, especially if I'm trying to figure out a hotel in an area, I've never stayed before. Those things are very very serious to me. And I have actually let the reviews guide whether or not I choose that product. Or are you one of those people do you do you let that happen to you read the reviews because this is interesting, and this story will get to in.

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