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Now let's join the Great Gildersleeve it Saturday morning. Breakfast is over to Gillislee, his house and Where do you think you're doing? Not So fast young man. You clean up your room. I would like to know which part you believe you cleaned up. I glanced into it on my way down to breakfast and I cannot understand how any human being could inhabit such a room I'll faking it up. How can you get into such a mess? We'll i. know because you just drop everything on the floor off your drop them on the floor. Finish the paper. Drop it on the floor. Books on the floor of papers on the floor towels on the floor. Lose. Oh Hello Ben. Didn't see you sitting there. So, we have to go through these little domestic matters. That's okay. We understand each other. I guess. What's been doing? Well and get started on your own. Have you practice the piano. After this morning Leroy refresh. Reacted only black and. We go through this every week, my boy. I should think you learn I'll get at it. The worst. Boys. Well. Ben Haven't seen you in quite a while. Been Keeping Yourself. I don't know that Gone Java. Guess takes up a lot of times I. When if you fight me? While I make a phone call? Just make yourself at home here, man sure. I wonder. Just sitting around. Your grave applauded the. I'll be through in just a minute. Buddy. Yes, Alley! Call you in a little. I'll very alternate. Hello is Ms Piper there, please. Here. Hello Doc Anita how I houria. Didn't recognize your. Voice. Well I wanted to talk to MS hyper about them. We rise piano lessons and I can call her. Some other time signed Badio. You've had acted goodbye. It. been. Let's see you waiting. Marge me. Jump in the car and drive down to bees Myers with me got to pick up tire. At a flat, putting the BOOP boop. Well, Marjorie. She has some stuff she has to finish got I'm just waiting I see. That skewed. Out that morning guilty Oh. Hello What's on your mind? Come in, hang up your chair and take a half. And I've been working for. You like a job the last half hour working for me hired you. What are you talking about? Why in the name of Heaven didn't you meet? Leila ransom train this morning? Three Georgia I forgot all about it. Did you meet her? She's a Kranenburg. You're going to have to do some explaining. You want to back in her great sets. Of, course judge. In. See you there, Bam, I. Wa. I run right over there now and start apologizing. Tied I forgot judge i. told you that God you've got that young woman on your mind. Ben. I wonder if you'd mind the judge and I have something confidential do it. Would you mind sitting in the dining room a few minutes? Oh, that's okay that anyway. What were you starting to say? A friend of yours I hesitate to speak about personal matter. You didn't hesitate just now. Come on, say it. I dare you say it yielded. That's not the spirit. I say I'm bringing this up the supreme. You in this hyper girl up. I will not have heard. This girl! In fact, I take it as a personal review refrained from mentioning the Lady's name at all. The fact remains that you're making a forty or south link. The whole town's talking about you Leroy's music teacher. That's ridiculous. I've hardly seen the girl besides I well. Our whole relationship is something. You couldn't possibly understand curator and unique relationship. No Beautiful that's. Just so happens. He's a very fine pianist. into all the other decent people in town, it's just an old fool chasing after a. My House Mr Hooker immediately..

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