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How can the listeners connect with you learn more about you and your story and the awareness of men's eating disorder. Yeah so they can visit my blog. It's ortho rexha bites dot com and on the blog. I've got linked to the book that will be coming out. I've got information on ortho rexha itself since that's a little bit of a lesser known eating disorder. People don't know about. And i just trying to talk about men and mental health and eating disorders and specific One thing. I forgot to mention as i'm looking forward to a campaign coming up in june Since his men's health month Where i'll be kind of just doing a online social media campaign just showing that strongmen talk. 'cause that's one thing that i've really learned. Is that when you're honorable is when you're strongest and y'all have emotions we all have insecurities in. It's okay to share them because as soon as you share them they lose their power over you so i definitely recommend visiting the website and checking out more information on that as well as just going to be a really empowering campaign To to help people to help guys in particular Fight their battles that they need to fight. No that makes sense. Break those stigmas right. Yeah yeah yes. Sometimes they can be a huge huge walls so Wow jason man. I want to thank you so so very much for coming on the show. I really really appreciate you being here. Man yeah i. I really appreciate all that you're doing in just so you know you're an inspiration to all of us so thank you so much. It's my pleasure to be here tonight. Oh no you're too kind. Thank you man And i i wanna make sure all of you guys know that. We will have direct links to jason's website on the episode. show notes. All right so make sure you check the episode show notes for ortho. Rexha bites dot com jason woods website. All right so jason. We are now about to enter a segment..

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