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On your mind, or you can comment on anything we've been talking about in the studio tonight. It's myself the Reverend Captain Kick ass joining me. Matt and Ian. We've been talking about. Well, a lot of things we've been sort of centered around Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technologies. And since we were I liked to highlight more people. Accepting Cryptocurrencies, particularly businesses, right? It's one thing for like. You know, I'm a babysitter and I take Bitcoin or, you know, I'm a one man handyman and I take Bitcoin. It's one thing for like the one person shops to accept Bitcoin. Or any other Cryptocurrency, but this from Bitcoin dot com US convenience store chain sheets. That's S H e T Z. To accept Cryptocurrencies for payments. Now I'm not familiar with this particular chain. But Ian, you said, you have some familiarity. I personally have never seen this chain. But I am aware that it exists because our former co host Chris Redman, who I am prohibited from speaking with by the terms of my bail conditions. Sadly, he's the co founder of the Bitcoin Embassy, And he also is the founder of the Mighty Moose part, which is, uh, convenience store here in Keene. And he grew up. I think in an area or at least spend a lot of his life in an area where these sheets stores were, so he was very familiar with the quality level of them. He was very impressed with how they are. They operate. Um, you know, from a business aspect, how they present their product and all that. And so I think that they, um There's a lot of influence from the sheets brand as far as how he launched his own personal conveniences. I heard I heard a lot about you know the sheets business model as he was kind of telling us all about what his plans were for Marine use smart, so they seem to be a pretty like technologically savvy company like with online ordering of food, like if you want to order a sandwich or something like that right thing. So on May, 27th sheets revealed the company will be accepting crypto payments via the digital payments Network flex to have never heard of them before, but I will look into them further on my own time. The company sheets is headquartered in Altoona, Pennsylvania. It operates 622 convenience stores and coffee shops in Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Maryland. 622 convenient stories. That is, That's a lot. You guys remember the old Bitcoin joke about wall or the criticism? It will never be able to be used to buy a cup of coffee. Oh, yeah. Yeah, That's right. Here it is. Well, I sure hope that nobody is spying. Or no one is buying coffee with Bitcoin. Because the fees I suspect are still terrible. I don't think those have been fixed in the last two months of jail. Nope. Um, so I'm hoping that sheets here is going to be accepting some alternatives to Bitcoin like maybe just point cash or going to buy a lot of coffee. To make it worth. Yeah, I will take a tanker of coffee. Please. Just roll over the CAG of coffee, please. Uh, so Sheets noted in its announcement that the firm aims to quote provide customers with the ability to pay for items inside the store or fill up their cars, Trucks and RVs at the pump. Yeah, using digital currencies like Bitcoin, If they're light coin does point and more Now, that's interesting, like, how are they going to do the Phillips? Because most gas stations they want you to pre pay right? They don't trust that you're going to not drive away after filling up the tank. So with a credit card when you swipe the card, they've already got all your authorization information. If you drive away, they still you know, they get they get sale. Otherwise usually have to walk in and hand them cash, and then they authorized the pump. And then you can go up to the amount of the cash that you put in. How are they going to do that? With crypto? Are they going to are you going to pre pay the crypto amount and then receive crypto back? If so, that's complicated. Uh, I'm curious to know how that's going to pan out. What are they going to do to implement this? A good question. I worked in convenient stores for a period of time in my life. Was an assistant manager to large gas and diesel and racing fuel type thing. Couple of car washes and that kind of thing, Um, the way so this is all like. You know, sort of the advent of debit cards. So, like people could just pull up to the pump, pump their gas and then drive off. Yeah, there was no so what they would do around as it were gas and go. Yeah. Uh, what they would do is they would just shut off the pumps at the end corner. So if there's a you know how there's always a roof, sort of above the pumps to keep the rain from falling on you. The most frequent gas and go pumps were the ones at the end, the closest to all four corners, the ones most able, right quickest getaway kind of thing. So they would disable those after, say, nine PM 10. PM whatever Got dark, Okay? And so if people wanted to use that pump They'd get out of their car. They would put the nozzle in the gas tank. And then they press the button to call the attendant. And then you have to just stay back to of this pump is pre pay after 10 o'clock or whatever it is so then you make them come in and pay. But the question still remains. How does the you know? I mean, how do you pre pay with crypto? It could be done. Uh, just so when you pay from Cryptocurrency wallets if it's if it's not Manero Which is total privacy, and then you don't know much about you know how those transactions went. But if you pay with Bitcoin cash or dash than the receiver knows, from whom it's comfort, you know the wallet address source so they could just return the change to your to your wallet. I mean, that's that's doable. Oh, yeah, I guess. Yeah, that's do, they would have to be the payment provider. That makes that a feature incorrect there pls integration or the gas pump or whatever. And I would love to see that be a thing. That would be amazing. But it would require the customer to pre pay upfront so would be basically the equivalent of a cash payment..

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