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Forecast. Here's Tom skilling. Judy the snow of this morning is pretty well melted. It doesn't last long this time of year with ground is warm as it is. But we've got a chilly weekend on the way. Whereas last week. Weekend produced fifty degrees. Daytime highs will be hard pressed to get out of the thirties this weekend. Overall, the weekend will average about eighteen degrees colder, there's a stronger shot of cold air coming in early next week particularly Tuesday. But a big warmup follows in temperatures could be in the low fifties by later next week tonight. Decreasing cloudiness, windy, colder. Low nineteen shattered as sunshine with increased clouds later in the day, unseasonably chilly tomorrow at December level, high of just thirty one Saturday night could see a snow or rain shower early. Then mostly cloudy, chilly, low twenty four and Sunday. A good deal of cloudiness with peaks of sun, Wendy, not as cold high thirty eight Monday, mostly cloudy, turning breezy, cooler thirty one and Tuesday possible lake fictional showers in the morning, otherwise partly to mostly cloudy, windy, unseasonably chilly on Tuesday, high just twenty six but will jump well into the forties by the time. We get to Thursday, maybe even some low fifty s. That's it from the WGN weather center. I'm Tom skilling. Happy friday. Judy burr. I hear you stay warm. Yeah. It is thirty two degrees at O'Hare midway thirty June Naperville thirty it's thirty two along Chicago's lakefront. Winds are west seventeen miles an hour. The barometer is steady. I'm.

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