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This was at gold. I remember watching live who which was then Chicago, the US three, nil up against Mexico. Barely. A third of the game gone. This was like science fiction, beautiful science fiction felt as a stall niche as a crow, what she elephant fly. Not the injury. I tell you never read up to thirty six minutes. The hall time whistle blew in the play is headed towards locker rooms. When the exhilerated emotional, he's boiling over and they're all the, the delegates from the Mexican federation were coming onto the field and Hank Steinbrecher was trying as hard as he could hold it in. But he was beaming with pride, and I just went after just essentially said, you know why we're beating them because we're better than they are and looking right at their federal looking at the Mexican federal and say, we're better than you now a deal with it. I, I remember Hank basically saying politically incorrect, but with your kid. The truth is right there for everyone to see on the school board. The US were better the Mexican, and it was just total dominance from the first minute to the ninetieth minute. Any hope the Mexicans had a forcing they way back into the game dissipated in the sixty. Seventh minute. The cameras to the soil loans to find Steve Sampson thrusting both hands into the end with of triumph, despite the gesture, he was able to moss the look on his face. It was one of sheer stillness. Times against the United States. Great backflicked by the United States. Coach, Steve Sampson defeated Mexico. On a sunny afternoon near nations, Kevin. You ever went out the Fullerton, California after the game, you show the media. We have a great deal of respect for Steve Sampson with playing for him. Did you mean? Yes. At that moment in time I felt that that Steve had embraced the role. This was a guy that at his core could understand where we're most of us were coming from. He had a background in American soccer. This guy was for lack of a better phrase, one of us, a background in American Soka that should have been the officer of what you were looking for back then. Home paper, Steve still should never have been the head coach, but there was no longer the unemployed guy by the side of the pool, Steve was winning and his team was about the head to a foreign continent and take on all comers and smile. It was biblical within fifteen weeks. The would interim was removed from Steve Simpson's title. In a way with Steve, the placeholder wouldn't let go of his place. Yeah, it was today. She says, all him. You know when I had to pinch myself when I went back home and I was greeted my three young children and my wife in a home that wasn't mine living with my inlaws. And in that moment is what the hell just happened. I've just spent the most magnificent summer living dream, but frankly. And to be offered to be the the national team coach. And then I was able to tell my wife, we can move back to a girl hills and actually buy a home now. We don't have to live with our inlaws. I can't tell you how excited I was about that and to give her the opportunity to basically say, where do you wanna live. Did you know who is living with his mother and his mother-in-law. No, no idea. Stowing Brescia he had couldn't afford a is he moved his whole family with his. I can believe that said that that you gave them a full-time contracts take to is wife and said, we can move anywhere. Not under the terms that I negotiated. American fee Lasko is production of WNYC. Studios are team includes Joel Meyer Emily Boutin. Paul Shuman Derek, John Starling kind Keegan. Jemma Ernie intranet, Elisa Lambert Jameson York. Daniel met mad Boynton Jonathan Williamson, grad Feldman, be Aldridge, Jeremy bloom is Jones. And Sarah sandbox Joep Laura's our technical director and his Brown composed. Our original music are Fien use. It is by big red machine. The collaboration between Erin designer of the national and Justin Vernon of bony there. Audio, this episode courtesy of ABC sports and NPR. For more about this story, including a time line at more Goto fiasco podcast dot com. This is real. If you like this coast recommended to your friends, especially you sock, curious, friends who have stoned to fall in love with the sport during the World Cup. This Poku I guaranteed to put him over the toll courage. American fiasco supported by wicks comb with wakes. You can create your own professional website exactly the way you want, which means you can lose your own online store, blog or portfolio wherever you all. Even while listening to this poke cost, his how it works, go to wicks comb the summit what you need to sell for it. You style add, you remedies and your website is ready in five minutes or less. Make sure your story doesn't go untilled go to wicks w I x don't come to create you professional website today.

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