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One of his fine performances. He's really a performing artist when he gets in front of his. No. And that's why people there and a whole bunch of people couldn't get in to the shed where they had the rally, and they had to watch it on television outside he's packing. A mandolin is Jen and I'm up for the midterms. And I'm just looking at this gotta look at this New York Times columnist. She's a real hardcore left, he despises Trump. Her name is Michelle Goldberg, and she's written this column today. This is what she says this week, a friend texted me, I feel a panic that won't stop. I didn't have to ask what she meant. We are after all less than three weeks away from the midterms. Hashtag metoo. I replied many women I know are walking around with a churning not a terror in their stomachs. It's starting to get a little worried about those midterms that they thought the Democrats would sweep wouldn't it be something if the Republicans hang onto the hell my God. I can't wait to see. The Michelle Goldberg of the world throw themselves out the window. Anyway, I thought I thought Trump was will insensitive. I did he came up. He was talking about the the Montana congressman, Greg Gianforte. He's well known for body slamming reporter like a question that a reporter had asked that report of is pretty annoying. Yeah. He pleaded guilty last year in court to a misdemeanor assault and he apologized, well, he's seeking reelection. Anyway, and he's going to win probably will. But but for Trump to say that this is a wonderful thing about body slamming a reporter, I mean, this is a little tone deaf. When you have the Jamaca Shoghi story in Turkey come on. There's a big difference between his fingers head off. And some politicians who erupted because a report is being annoying Gable body, slam big there's a world the difference between those those kind of reactions Lynn there are some now I'm not one of these people that's gonna be directly go ABC. But there are those who say that when Trump reports that the press is the enemy of the people. That that led in part to what happened in in Turkey. So. These people, but I'm gonna tell you what all the other people. I'm going to tell you some people are saying that. Yeah. The crazy people on the left who think that kashogi was beheaded because Trump takes on the media. That's what I said. But then again, you don't listen to what I said. Hey, so here is Trump in Montana, Leslie, by the way, never wrestle him. Never.

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